After Dark Films

Yesterday I saw the first snow of the winter. I miss my summer time!

Halloween is coming, for those who LOVE horror movies, check this out.

3 thoughts on “After Dark Films

  1. OK shall see any halloween mood, but 星期六晚﹐無街街去﹐留在家中看了一套﹐以為會好老土的粵語港產片 on OMNI 2﹐“地老天荒”英文名 Without words﹐ 導演:, 麥啟光(Cousin Mak). 主演:, 周俊偉(Lawrence Chow), 官恩娜(Ella Koon), 曾國祥(Derek Tsang), 鄧萃敏(Sheren Tang)., 睇d﹑ 睇d﹑卒之睇到尾。 以下是雅虎香港的 movie review

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