Sunset view from my room

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  1. 啊~~~~ 那個看透我夢想~~~~ 是平淡~~~~ 😛

    夕陽之歌 – 梅艷芳

    *斜陽無限 無奈只一息間燦爛
    隨雲霞漸散 逝去的光彩不復還
    遲遲年月 難耐這一生的變幻
    如浮雲聚散 纏結這滄桑的倦顏

    #漫長路 驟覺光陰退減
    那個看透我夢想 是平淡

    +曾遇上幾多風雨翻 編織我交錯夢幻
    曾遇你真心的臂彎 伴我走過患難
    奔波中 心灰意淡

    重唱 *,#,+,*,#,+

    啊 天生孤單的我心暗淡
    一天想 想到歸去但已晚

    重唱 +,+

  2. Thanks for replying miss marz and bubu

    I was not even aware that there was a shop called 四和菜. I love 四和菜 so I live near the area where I can get 四和菜 easily, i.e. Scarborough North East….. I shall watch out at the elevators.

    四和菜 consists of 4 dishes, 4 portions of steam rice and soup of the day, you may eat in or take out. The combination of 4 dishes depending on each shop, a fixed menu or free to choose from a long list. Of course there are 2,3,4,5,6 ….8 dish combo at different pricing.

  3. Oh… I thought you referred to Sam Woo, coz I mentioned 四和菜 in that post. Wow. I guess we live quite close then. Scar NE. Hum… I wonder, let me know if one day you see me coz I have no clue even if I bump into you.

  4. No problem Miss Marz

    I got to know this blog site because one public holiday I wanted to buy 四和菜, so I googled it and I found

    Marz 格子» 一週飲食回顧點了最小的四和菜,但四個人吃四和菜也還是太多了。一個雙拼(燒肉燒鴨)、一個茄子斑塊、一個北菰菜膽,一個三鮮炒芹菜荷蘭豆。吃了好多菜,但如果菜可以少一點油的話就真的太好了。 天天吃,一週下來,可真的有點麻木了。 看食字路口拍了那麼多年,主持 … – 18k – 補充資料 – 頁庫存檔 – 類似網頁

  5. Your sunset view looks like the sunrise view from my room. And I can see CN Tower from my room too.

  6. Gene you need to live west of Yonge St. uptown in order to have sun rise room plus cn tower view, or a south east window, 南風窗. Otherwise, must be somewhere at the downtown area, envy you.

  7. drifter, I live in Mississauga facing south east, so I can see CN Tower in the very left corner of my window. It’s very beautiful sometimes in the morning. No need to envy..haha

  8. What a view! It seems really high up there. Maybe that or I’m just accustomed to living on the ground floor! (>_

  9. oh!! now I know why GENE gets that! I’m just on the East side of the GTA… the other way around.

    YA! I like this view… just hope it won’t get too hot in the summer coz it’s facing west.

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