Update on Marz

After the Thanksgiving, here’s the update:

– Successfully moved to my new home –> a mess now; it’s gonna take a long time to totally settle down

– My hands became as harsh as sand paper due to excessive moving, packing and unpacking

– I lost my voice + sore throat – so please message me instead (for now) *sigh*

– Got bruises everywhere because (1) I get them easily, (2) not really avoidable because of the moving

– Been staying up late and waking up early for the past week – You don’t wanna see me now coz I’m gonna look so bad @_@

– Friend (SB) is in town from Macao! Yeah~

– No turkey for me this year because we didn’t have the gathering!

– Tried a few places – may write about them

– Very tired and gotta work tomorrow!!!

10 thoughts on “Update on Marz

  1. haha… my condo is built by monach in scar… not the brand new ones though.

    Baby mom = my mom’s like a baby –> I find as people get older and older, they act like a baby.

  2. our office did those 4 condos for monach at finch and mccowan.

    I agree that all parents are like babies! In fact, some said all men are like babies because they can’t take care of themselve, that leave only young women adults!!! Wait! some young women think they are “babes”… So who’s the mature adult here? NO ONE!

  3. Congratulations on moving into your new home. Sounds like it was a lot of work, and hopefully, you’ve recuperated. We’re still not moved into our new place yet. Renovations are taking forever and is a big headache.

    Thanks for posting those restaurant reco’s in Vancouver. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to go there this time, because our schedule was so packed. I’ll keep your reco’s bookmarked, so we can check them out when we head out west next time (probably next year some time).

    There was a great sake bar that we went to in Seattle, though, I’ll post a review on that.

  4. 不清, you’re so right! we’re all kidults! (well… at least I still am), but it’s all good. No need to be too serious if it’s not necessary. oh~ haha I didn’t know it’s done by your office :p

    zemuppet, yes! moving is just a huge headache. We had the painting and flooring done in 3 days. Then moved right in there, but we haven’t really get everything lined up the way we want.
    Nope you’ll move in and settle down soon! and let me know when you’ve posted the sake bar review 🙂

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