Vancouver Eats – Cont’d

In addition to the ones that I’ve listed previously, here are some of the other places suggested by my friend, JK, who came from Vancity. You may want to check them out when you’re in town.

White Spot – A BC tradition. Maybe not be the best food, but still pretty good. Here’s a link with a really good review and pictures

Mondo Gelato – The BEST gelato and so many options (soy, non-dairy, non-dairy sugar free)

Kintaro (788 Denman St., Vancouver Tel: 604-682-7568 and #110-8291 Westminster Hwy, Richmond Tel: 604-248-0594) – according to her bro, they have the best ramen. It’s a small place that doesn’t take reservations and is sooo busy. The line is always out the door.

Hon’s – Cheap and plentiful.

Martini’s Whole Wheat Pizza (151 West Broadway, Vancouver) – Good pizza, but they have so much more. Good pasta (Spanish tortillini is delish) and calamari and good food all around. Portions are big and it’s very reasonably priced.

Stepho’s Greek Taverna (1124 Davie St., Vancouver Tel: 604-683-2555) – A Vancouver favorite. They don’t take reservations so the line ups are pretty long around dinner time. But they have heaters outside so you don’t completely freeze. The food is pretty good, but cheap! The portions are HUGE!

Cannery – Good food, beautiful food. People on chowhound say it’s a tourist trap, but who cares? The salmon wellington is really good.

True Confections – Good desert place. The cakes are really tall, but you get a thin slice so it works out to a normal portion.

Cheesecake Etc. – ‘Nuff said. Yummy cheesecake. She (and I) haven’t gone back in a while so don’t know if things have changed. Hopefully it’s still the same.

Sushi garden (4635 Kingsway, Burnaby Tel: 604-436-0104) – Korean run Japanese restaurant (of course!) but cheap and good and plentiful. Pretty popular and can get really busy during lunch.

Aji Toro Sushi (101-4940 No. 3 Road, Richmond Tel: 604-273-3838) – Her fav. AYCE at the moment. Lots of selection. The black cod is really good. Any unlike Toronto restaurants they serve tuna! Yay for yummy tuna!

Steveson Docks – A great place for the summer! It’s so nice to grab something to eat while enjoying the sun right on the water.

Bridges Restaurant – Also a great summer place to sit on the patio. Great nachos. The lower part (including the patio) is a casual restaurant, the upper portion is a fancy restaurant. Prices vary according to where you sit of course. It’s right in Granville Island so you can visit the local shops and look around the market. Kinda like Kensington market if you had to compare, but better 🙂

Sun Sui Wah and Kirin – Favorite spots.

Hannam grocery store (Coquitlam and Surrey) – can get lots of stuff. They have carts out where you can buy little pastries shaped like a fish but filled with red bean paste. They make them fresh right there. 50 cents each.

West restaurant – The Susur of Vancouver.

La Bodega – Her friend loves this place! A tapas place that’s popular.

Tropika – Malaysian/Thai that’s supposed to be good. Lots of friends really like this place.

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