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Go 4 TeaEating, eating, eating… Recently I’ve been eating a lot. (not good not good… gotta watch my weight since I haven’t been working out as hard.) I’m aware that I’ve been eating not because I’m hungry, but because of the craving. Night life continues – been clubbing almost every weekend. I wonder how and why I got into this and when it’s gonna stop. Last Thursday, we went to the threads 2006 fashion show @ Revival. Elina did a great job organizing this whole event. I’m sure she will bring it to the next level next year. Since it was a Thursday night, we didn’t stay til very late. Friday night was at the distrikt with a relatively young crowd – not particularly fond of it. Originally, we were going to the Nuit Blanche event on Saturday night but for some reason, we ended up going to blvd room. I know, it’s a bit too much to go three nights in a row. Actually, if my friend didn’t point that out, I wouldn’t remember what I just did. *Is that a side-effect of over-partying?!*

Talking about clubbing, one night, we went to the Burrito Boyz. Walked down to this small place with bright light, we ordered the quesadillas and burritos. I gotta say they were REALLY GOOD! Maybe it was also because we had it after all the shots and cocktails. Highly recommended after party comfort food.

Burrito Boyz

If you’re a clubber, I’m sure you already know this place. For those who are interested…

FYI: Burrito Boyz
120 Peter Street, Toronto, ON
Tel: 416-593-9191
Hours: Mon-Wed 11am-midnight; Thurs-Sat 11am-4am


Back in 2005, I wrote about the Stop & Seat 一站一座 near Finch and Yonge. It’s a bubble tea place where you can also get some pretty good Taiwanese food. Since June 2005, I’ve visited this place for more than 5, probably around 10 times. I would say, the food and drink there are pretty good in general. Service could be better – e.g. waitresses could be more alert and attend upon customers better/faster. Some dishes, e.g. Pad Thai, aren’t as good as the other. Their deep-fried chicken wings 鹽酥雞 was indeed very nice. Just a bit greasy for the weight watchers. The other night, I also ordered the mixed seafood noodle… with lots of sauce on it (more like a 羹). I liked it.

One Stop Seat

FYI: Stop & Seat Taiwanese Cuisine Bubble Tea
5184 Yonge St., North York, ON., M2N 5P6
Tel: 416-229-6288


KAZE Japanese Cuisine, the Japanese place near Woodbine and 16th. Since one of my colleagues always mention about this Japanese AYCE place, I was there. (It seems that Marz is trying to try out as the Japanese places as possible although I don’t intentionally do so.) I had the Teriyaki Chicken Bento Box (Lunch bento boxes price range was about $5.99-8.99 if I remember correctly) instead of AYCE (Weekday lunch ~ $12.99/adult). I also tried their boat of sushi. However, I found the food was just so-so. Obviously it is not authentic. Taste-wise, it was ok. I would say… its hot/cooked food is better than its sushi. The tea doesn’t taste good. The taste of miso soup was really light. Overall it was just OK.

KAZE Sushi

FYI: Kaze Japanese Cuisine
9255 Woodbine Avenue, Markham, ON L6C 1Y9
Tel: 905-927-9388


One Friday we went to Restoran Malaysia again. I don’t know how many times I’ve been there in total, but I still like their food and service. I love their roti. We always like to order a curry entree and a roti so that we can dip the roti with the curry. YUMMM… I ordered the Malaysian curry chicken… compared to the Thai red curry chicken, I prefer the Malaysian one – more rich. They’re just different… or maybe in a hot day, I will choose the Thai one.

Aside, I think with their renovation, this place will become a pretty good place for a dating dinner – dimmer light, not too expensive (help the guys who are going broke lol). Suggested to a friend recently and they liked this place.

Restoran Malaysia 4 Restoran Malaysia 1 Restoran Malaysia 3 Restoran Malaysia 2

FYI: Restoran Malaysia
815 Major Mackenzie Dr. E., Richmond Hill
Tel: 905-508-1432


Another Friday afternoon, 5 of us went to First Markham Place. Instead of Congee Wong, which we frequent a lot, we came to this Congee Master….

Congee Master 5 Congee Master 1

Upon entry, I already felt like I’ve gone to HK – with the Chinese radio on, the layout, the menu, the people, even the smell of Chlorine. We were brought to a big round table at the corner. I ordered a bowl of congee with lean pork, preserved & salted egg. We also ordered a dish of pork skin, radish, fish ball with curry, a dish of squid in spicy sauce and a dish of rice rolls with dough stick.

The curry pork skin/radish/fish ball came first. However, the taste was a bit weird – tasted like it was spoiled. Anyhow, we informed them about the issue. Then, they took it back and gave us another bowl! After all the struggles, we decided to try it again, this time it was ok. Tasted so-so though. The congee was ok – tasted more like home-made to me. The squid – you can tell it was chemical treated/softened. The rice rolls were ok. Sigh… I guess I won’t go back again.

Congee Master 2 Congee Master 4 Congee Master 3

FYI: Congee Master 四季粥
3229 Hwy7 E., Unit 13, Bldg. B, Markham, ON. (First Markham Place)
Tel: 905-470-0388

5 thoughts on “Tip of the Iceberg

  1. Hi, Just thought I might announce that we now have all the restaurants in First Markham place on our website. Unfortunately I could not add congee master since they don’t have an english menu. Can anyone help?

  2. Marz, i actually like their congees, they tasted like hongkong 大排檔 style. I wonder what kind of MSG they use. Dim sum restaurants can’t replicate this unique taste….

    3 things i order in a congee shop: 皮蛋艇仔粥,蘿蔔糕,炸兩。

  3. Ya… more 大排檔 style, but the one I ordered was similar to the way we would make it at home 🙂 Maybe that’s why…

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