TenRen’s Tea Time 喫茶新饌

Those of you who live or work around Richmond Hill area should have already noticed the new TenRen’s Tea Time @ Times Avenue and Hwy 7 – closest intersection I believe is Bayview and Hwy7. Last time, we tried out the Chef Thai Fusion place, and the other night we came to this TenRen beside it.

Upon arrival, we were greeted by two ladies in traditional Chinese clothings (uniform). We asked for a table for 8, their answer was that we had to use the VIP room since there was no table that could fit 8 people. The minimum charge for the VIP room is $150. Since we all ate before we went, there was no way that we could spend $150 dollars just on drinks (although the girl said it would work out to be about the same amount if each of us order some drinks… well… that meant on average, each person would have to spend like $18.75 on DRINKS?!) So… we decided to separate into 2 tables of 4. It was ok. When seated, we were given some really nice menus. Instead of plain texts, you get to see a lot of pictures and combos… see below. With just a small twist, the menu became more appealing and appetite-stimulating. That’s the power of visual appeal.

Ten Ren 1

What I find TenRen’s different from other bubble tea places is that…

There is no magazine (from my observation)

It looks like a modern teahouse with all sorts of chinese style dim sum AND dim sum/meal combos. Also, the crowd may be a bit more mature.

The decoration is more traditional with the bamboo color tone – when you go in, you see a section of the store selling all sorts of tea (dry tea leaves) on your right side. Somehow, this setting reminds me of the stores in mainland China.

Right after we ordered, we were told that there was a vacant table that could fit us all. “That’s great!” I thought. So we came to this table on the left by the window near the entrance. Luckily, we didn’t go to the VIP room. Since we weren’t that hungry, we only ordered a drink per person + two small dishes of desserts. The desserts were ok – nothing special to talk about. I ordered my favourite hot tea – 菊花八寶茶 (Direct translation – Eight-Treasure Chrysanthemum Tea). I think it was about $5.99, with refill of boiling water. Compared to the one at Go 4 Tea, this seems to be more economical.

Ten Ren 2 Ten Ren 3 Ten Ren 4

Look at how nicely divided the dessert was… in the third picture – at the back. 🙂

For more pictures and review, you can go to BM’s blog. I just noticed that she’s also been there. Aren’t we all excited to try out new places! I might go there again this saturday to try out their food (but from what I’ve heard so far, the food there has been ok)

Rainy night… felt good to have a hot pot of tea and relax.

FYI: TenRen’s Tea Time 喫茶新饌
111 Times Avenue, Unite 101, Richmond Hill (Hwy 7/Bayview)
Tel: (905) 881-8896

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  1. Just got back from lunch there. I really like the enviroment there. A place you can really sit down and be away the the busy every day things. Nice place to sit and eat + pretty and polite waitresses + good tea = 2 thumbs up! The service was a bit slow because they were setting up the cash register though. Took half an hour to get my bill. Definitely will be there again.

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