The Chef Thai Fusion 王泰軒

The Chef Thai Fusion 1Friday Lunch – The decision was quick since there was a new Thai restaurant just opened up nearby our area. This Chef Thai Fusion is on Hwy 7. If you are driving from the East, you will see it on your left hand side once you drive pass Time’s Square, etc. Don’t know if it’s me or what, I find there are more and more Thai/Viet or S.E. Asian restaurants opening up in Toronto. Still remember quite a few years ago, there were only handful of restaurants like that. One of them were the Spring Rolls. Then, there was the Salad King, etc… Also, as you can see, I’ve been going to quite a lot of these Thai /Vietnamese /Malaysian restaurants up north, such as the Restoran Malaysia (which has been there for quite a long time – established), Rex Saigon, Woodstone (which I still haven’t written about my bad experience there – well I tend not to bad-mouth any restaurant, but the customer service was just not good), etc… for the listing, you may wanna check out my kitchen.

So, on a Friday afternoon, six of us came to this place. By 12:30pm, there were quite a lot of customers – I guess the demand for new restaurant is just quite high given all the offices up here in Richmond Hill. We were given 3 menus – 1 BIG one with all the items in English on one side and in Chinese on the other side; 1 small menu for the lunch specials, and another menu for the drinks.

Looking at the drink menu, all the drinks were quite appealing. So, I asked for recommendations – since I couldn’t decide which one I should try. The server recommended the Iced Honey Citrus to me. Looked around, many people also ordered that. Had a first sip – I found out that it was actually the same Korean Citrus/Yuzu Concentrate (柚子茶) that I used to buy from the supermarket. For about 5 bucks, you get a whole jar of concentrates that can make more than 20 cups of citrus tea. Well… I felt a bit ripped off. (This Iced Citrus Tea costed about $2.95) Anyhow, it’s ok… My colleagues ordered the…

(1) Mango Juice

(2) My Iced Honey Citrus

(3) Blackcurrant Soda

(4) Grapefruist Soda

The coincidence was that all the ladies ordered the Pad Thai lunch combo.

The Chef Thai Fusion 4 The Chef Thai Fusion 3 The Chef Thai Fusion 2

The lunch combo comes with … Lemon Vegetable Soup. It was so-so. Hot and sour… with the lemongrass and pineapple taste. Found it a bit salty – couldn’t finish it.

There were 4 dishes of Pad Thai in total. However, JW’s Pad Thai (left) looked very different from the rest of ours (right), which was quite unusual. I finished the vegetarian spring roll first. It was quite good. But I just couldn’t finish the Pad Thai – partly because I didn’t have good apetite, and partly because it wasn’t that good (kinda disappointed!).

Had a bite of the Lemongrass Chicken – it was quite tender. (I discovered that KL likes to order Lemongrass Chicken.) Didn’t try the Yellow Curry Beef (RS’s favourite!) – it came with papaya salad. Well, according to RS, this place just can’t be compared with Restoran Malaysia. I agreed. The deco of this place was nice and simple, the service was ok. Nothing to complain about. Location is good. I know there are more items on the dinner menu, but didn’t have a chance to try those.

The Chef Thai Fusion 5 The Chef Thai Fusion 7 The Chef Thai Fusion 6 The Chef Thai Fusion 8

Perhaps, I will give it a try again next time, for dinner (if it happens that some of my friends want to go). The price was about $13 per person for this lunch combo + drink + T&T. Overall the food there was so-so. The drinks do look good – just don’t order the Iced Honey Citrus coz it isn’t worth the $2.95.

Took their take-out menu and some business cards – very well-designed and i.e. higher costs.

Chef Thai Fusion (王泰軒)
115 Times Avenue, Unit B2 & B3, RMH, ON. L3T 0A2
Tel: 905-882-1110
Open: M-T: 11:30am-3:30pm; 5:00pm-10:00pm
F-S: 11:30am-3:30pm; 5:00pm-11:00pm

11 thoughts on “The Chef Thai Fusion 王泰軒

  1. I just went to a cafe (it was self-service) with a view of an astro turf lawn. I ordered an ice tea (plain old lipton) and paid 450yen! So I totally feel ya on the rip-off thing. At least they brought you your Iced Honey Citrus.;)

  2. wow youre a tough girl to please. my friend and i liked the restaurant though.
    ehe i guess we all have different tastes or im just easy to satisfy type of girl 😉

  3. do you have anything better to do with your time and camera or is cuisine critique your FT job

  4. Hi dpi, I’m working full time (not cuisine critique). Blogging is just a hobby and I like to take pictures of food and write about places that I’ve been to (incl. restaurants).

  5. I have been looking around to buy the Korean Citrus/Yuzu Concentrate (柚子茶) and have been unable to find it. Can you tell me what supermarket you have bought it at. I do love the drink and would like to be able to make it at home.


  6. Hi Bonne,

    You can get those in Chinese supermarkets… e.g. in T&T – just ask for it and they can show you the aisle.

  7. Have you ever try to call the number 905 882-1100? I don’t think they put the right number…

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