Vancouver Eats

Here’re some of the places you may wanna check out when you’re in Vancity.

More restaurants will be posted once my friend get back from Vancouver.

I’m sure there must be more nice places there – wish I could go there again and eat.

*Tried and liked…


Ezogiku 菊 Noodle Cafe

(1) 270 Robson Street
Tel: 604-685-9466

(2) #5-1329 Robson Street
Tel: 604-685-8606
Open 7 days: 11am – 11pm


Kitanoya Guu
(1) 838 Thurlow Street
Tel: 604-685-8817

(2) Kitanoya Guu with Garlic (2nd store) – 1698 Robson Street
Tel: 604-685-8678


Sun Sui Wah Seafood Restaurant

Landmark Hot Pot House (春秋火鍋)
4023 Cambie Street
Tel: 604-872-2868


Mondo Gelato
(1) 1094 Denman Street
Tel: 604-647-6638

(2) 1222 Robson Street
Tel: 604-694-0108


Cheesecake, etc.
2141 Granville Street
Tel: 604-734-7704

*Haven’t tried but recommended by friends…


The Cannery Seafood House

[C] Restaurant

4 thoughts on “Vancouver Eats

  1. Fabulous list, Marz. We’ll definitely check some of these out when we’re in Vancouver. If you like seafood though, do try The Sandbar, on Granville Island the next time you’re in Vancouver. They serve excellent local catch, as well as offering a stunning view of the harbour from below the Granville Street Bridge. I was there for a wedding dinner, so I don’t know what their lunch service is like.

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