The Tour of MISIA 2007

6 thoughts on “The Tour of MISIA 2007

  1. I think she rocks too. But I guess for you, that’ll be 7500 yen + about 80000 yen for airfare eh? You’re hard core man. 😉

    Interesting, her last show is in Yokohama Arena. Less than 30 min from my place. You must be smokin’ jealous right about now. MUHAHAHA!

  2. RICK!!! MISIA rocks!!! I can never forger her voice – so comforting yet energizing!

    Yeah! I’m so jealous of you….. Unfortunately it’s not a world tour with Toronto on the list 😐

  3. Marz, if you like fado music and can’t afford to go all over the world to hear Misia, might I suggest trying Catarina Cardeal’s music? She’s from Toronto, and has concerts around various venues in the city like Hugh’s Room and the Lulu Lounge. She is actually quite amazing, though I would consider her style more classical fado, when compared with Misia.

  4. Wow! Thanks for the reco! I will check that out for sure. 😉

    BTW, I’ll post the Vancouver list here soon. I just found the cards that I got from my last trip.

  5. No hurry, Marz, since we aren’t going to Vancouver until Oct. But now that people are reading that you have some recommendations, I’m sure we all can’t wait.

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