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In the previous Ramen post – I guess some of you might remember, I wasn’t very satisfied with that restaurant. Last Friday, some of my colleagues and I were trying to think of a place for lunch. Then, suddenly something popped up in my mind. I couldn’t remember who mentioned about a new noodle/ramen place near Woodbine and 16th Ave. The only thing I remembered was there’s a new place. Without even knowing where exactly it was located, nor the name of the restaurant, 5 of us just drove there and adventured.

True Taste 1

Luckily, it wasn’t hard to spot this noodle place with the big pink sign and some flowers outside as it was newly opened. We walked by the entrance, someone inside has already opened the door and welcomed us in. Well… not bad. I could see there were already quite a few tables of customers – mainly Asian, but there were a few non-Asian people. The place could seat about 45-50 people. Ceiling was painted in pink and servers were wearing restaurant uniforms in purple.Five of us – Here’s what we ordered:

True Taste 7

“True” Noodle Soup – i.e. house noodle – According to JW, the soup base was good – seemed that they didn’t put a lot of MSG in it and it tasted good. The noodle was ok.

True Taste 6

Corn & Pork Cold Spinach Noodle – Recommended by one of the servers. They also had a “True” cold noodle. According to her, the difference between that one and this cold noodle was the corns. The first impression was good – very colorful as you can see. The portion was a bit bigger than I thought it would be. There were some pickled shredded cucumbers and carrots, and some seaweed salad on the side. Cold noodle is nice for the summer. These pickles were also very summer-y. The taste was also quite good – I like the mustard sauce that they put in. Overall, I would say this one is very nice.

True Taste 5

Duck Fried Oloong Noodle – Stole a bite from my colleague – wasn’t too impressive, but not bad either.

True Taste 4

Rib Noodle Soup – took a bit long to deep-fried the ribs. Got one piece – tasted ok, but a bit too bone-y. I was actually expecting the Taiwanese style ribs – i.e. less bone and easier to eat. We also ordered another spicy noodle soup – according to my colleague – it was really HOT (but I don’t know his tolerance – so don’t take that as a standard).

After we got the bill, we had some free desserts. Nice! Afterall, it’s newly opened and should treat their customers 😉 I remembered when I first heard of this place (only a location, w/o even an actual name), the person (referrer) told me that this place is run by someone who used to run Asijen Noodle. When I went there, I could recognize the manager. I don’t know if there’s any relationship in between, but this place wasn’t bad. I wouldn’t call it a ramen place as they offer a variety of noodles (stir-fried, soup, cold, and different types of noodles). They also seemed to have combined Japanese/Chinese/Taiwanese/Thai together. That’s why I would put this place into my “Other” category.

True Taste 3 True Taste 2

FYI: True Taste 真之味
9255 Woodbine Ave., Unit 26, Markham, ON L6C 1Y9
Tel: 905-887-0708

5 thoughts on “True Taste 真之味

  1. I like to check out your site for restaurants. I just went to this noodle place on weekend, of course after I saw this on your site. I had the ‘true’ noodle soup and it’s not too bad. I may go again if I am in the vicinity.

  2. I’m not sure if they make their noodles in house – guess not.

    Wow! Mary – you went there?! um… guess I should start charging them commission :p j/k

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