La Trou Normand

La Trou Normand 1Sunday, July 9 – Last day of the World Cup

Itlian vs. French; Italian won.

Summerlicious 2006

Location: Patio, Le Trou Normand @ Yorkville

Cuisine: French! (oh well…)

Time: 7:30pm

No. of attendee: 9

Sky: Clear

Temperature: 19C

My Drink: Sangria – lovely.

You may wanna check out why ordering Sangria in a bar in Spain is a bad idea.

La Trou Normand 2

Starter: Salade maison (House salad), Soupe du jour (Daily soup), Vichyssoise (Creamy leek and potato soup garnished with chives, chilled)

La Trou Normand 4 La Trou Normand 5

Not particularly fond of cold soup.

Entrees of the night was…

Rôti de poitrine de poulet sauce citron et beurre
(Roasted chicken breast with lemon butter sauce)

Médaillons mignon de bœuf avec pleurottes et madère vin jus
(Beef tenderloin medallions with oyster mushrooms and madeira wine jus)

Salmon Atlantique Sauce Armoricane
(Baked Atlantic Salmon with a Saffron Sauce)

La Trou Normand 3 La Trou Normand 6 La Trou Normand 7

Desserts: Creme Caramel, Chocolate Pate, Apple Tart. (As you can see… it was getting dark outside…)
La Trou Normand 8 La Trou Normand 9 La Trou Normand 10

A look from outside…

La Trou Normand 11Overall, atmosphere was great. Server was fun and polite. (I was a bit worried about their overall spirit after the World Cup final that day!) The food was so-so. The beef tenderloin was a bit overcooked. People said the chicken was ok – but was a bit strange with the lemon-y flavour, and no one ordered the salmon. Portions were not consistent although I didn’t notice that my colleague’s portion was actually much bigger than mine until someone pointed that out. (That was ok… I was full anyway). Desserts were great.

The cocktails were about $9-10 each, which was ok, but the only thing that I kinda regret was that we didn’t order the Calvados (an apple brandy local to Normandy).

Aside… I think they really should state that they’re open on Sunday for Summerlicious – or at least they should confirm the bookings with customers a day in advance. No one ever confirmed the booking with me, no one returned my call until late that day, and on the website it says restaurant closes on Sunday! Since I was the organizer of that night… Gosh… they almost caused a heart attack!

$25 dinner menu… It was just ok.

FYI: Le Trou Normand
French Restaurant in Yorkville, Toronto since 1973!
90 Yorkville Avenue, Toronto, Ontario M5R 1B9
Tel: 416-967-5956

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