Sweet Basil 香葉屋

Early July
Friday Lunch
4 People

Felt like: South Asian food

(1) Outside

(2) Inside

(3) Menu

Sweet Basil 9 Sweet Basil 8

Sweet Basil 1


(4) Hot n sour soup with lemongrass iced tea – I like – a twist from the usual lemon iced tea

(5) Hot n sour soup with cranberry orange juice – Didn’t try

Sweet Basil 3 Sweet Basil 2

(6) For myself: Mamak mee goreng – Malaysian indian style stir-fried thick egg noodles in spicy tamarind tomato sauce with shrimp, chicken and bean sprouts – I like.

Sweet Basil 4

(7) Thai mango chicken with rice

(8) Satay skewer with Vietnamese Spring roll vermicelli

(9) Red curry beef with rice

Sweet Basil 5 Sweet Basil 6 Sweet Basil 7

Nothing really stood out. Service was ok. Price range – average $15 each person (main course with drink after T&T). Location – up north. Parking – lots. Portion – Just right.

May try.

FYI: Sweet Basil (香葉屋)
10610 Bayview Ave., RMH, ON. L4C 3N8
Tel: 905-508-7361
Open: M-T: 11-10; F/S: 11-10:30; Sun: 11-10

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