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Before going into this post… I just wanna scream!!!!! ARGHGHGHGHGHGHGHGHGHGHG. Too stressed out lately. GOD. Well… Luckily, I got some chances to unleash all my negative energy. 4 out of 5 of the people I know are under huge stress these days. I guess we just have to find a way to deal with it.

Grand Island 1Another evening on the weekend…
Occasion: ACWC’s bday dinner
Location: Grand Island (see below for more info)
Time: 7:30pm
Attendees: 10ppl
It was a very nice saturday evening. Driving on Kennedy Road, heading north, made a right turn on Carlton, I saw this hexagon building. Wondered why I haven’t seen this building before. When I got there, this grand island was already full of customers. The majority of the customers were Asian – maybe it was because of the location… or because of the owner is Asian (although most of the servers were non-Asian).

Grand Island 3Sat down and looked around. It was a special building – not only its shape, but also the design. Looking up, you could see that high ceiling, on the floor you could see the sail. Very relaxing. If you want, you may go outside and sit at the patio. We started ordering at around 8pm. The menu was good – with lots of seafood items, lobster (which it is well-known for), salmon, mussel, shrimp, king crab, scallop, blah blah blah blah… Of course, you can also get the steak, lamb, chicken breast from there. It’s a “Seafood & Steak House”!!
I love seafood! I always say I’m a fortunate person.

Despite the fact that I can gain a lot of weight from eating, I can eat anything I want – So far, I don’t think I have any food allergy. YEAH! I basically eat anything (of course… the normal edible stuffs). What I ordered? Steamed Lobster + New York Striploin Combo (with lobster bique, ceasar salad, and tiramisu for about 39 bucks). Don’t be scared – I didn’t eat all of them by myself! I shared them with my friend, AH. 🙂

Grand Island 2
Lobster Bisque – it was good!!! I could tell they used fresh lobster in it.

Grand Island 5
DC ordered the Oysters in Shell, but he said it was ok…

Grand Island 6
Shrimp & Crab Mango Salad – looked good! Didn’t try it though – maybe next time.

Grand Island 7
Pasta Primavera with Grilled Chicken Breast – ordered by our healthiest person in the gang – TB

Grand Island 8
Grand Island Fettuccine – not sure if it was any good. I usually don’t order seafood pasta w/ cream sauce (no special reason though).

Grand Island 9
New York Striploin – yumm! It was juicy and tender – I liked it.

Grand Island 10
Seafood Risotto – LW ordered this. Looks hearty and healthy.

Grand Island 11
Steamed Nova Scotia Lobster – It was fresh – just like my friends told me. Some people even told me to pre-order the lobster before I go in case they all sold out. For about 20 bucks, not bad. But you know, all the sides are sold separately. i.e. You pay 20 bucks only for the lobster. If you want mushroom or steamed veggie, etc. Those cost about $4 per item.

Grand Island 12
Broiled Nova Scotia Lobster – VN and AC ordered this. As usual, VN got the fries. I wonder if the brown rice was any good.

Grand Island 13
Dessert – I thought we would get our tiramisu, but we got two of this instead… maybe it was because we had a birthday boy that night. But this dessert was so-so.

Grand Island 14
The end of the night… my camera was finally out of battery for the first time (since I bought it in May) – So I took the picture with my cell phone. This is where the 51 years old black singer sang. He was really good – I liked it when he sang Love Story and the Sound of Silence. It’s really good to have live music. I loved it. I would say it’s a good place for couples. (Especially, moms and dads should like the old songs.)

Grand Island 15
Outside the main entrance… taken with my cell.

I like this place overall. Although the service was EXTREMELY slow (servers were polite, just…. SLOW!!!) – maybe we had a huge group of 10 people and the night was fullhouse. The food was good. I guess I would go there again if I have a lot of time. For the price range, you can visit their website. Aside, I heard that the reason why they get fresh seafood is that the owner of this place used to be seafood exporter.

FYI: Grand Island Seafood & Steak House
Unit 201, 538-548 Carlton Road, Markham, ON. L3R 0C6
Tel: 905-479-5999

5 thoughts on “Grand Island Seafood & Steak House

  1. Oh God that looks soooo yummy. You’re killing me. I could NEVER find a place like that here. Especially that lobster… damn the ocean here in Japan. All we have is Iseibi – spiny lobster. That Nova Scotia lobster looks WONDERFUL!

  2. actually the owner of the place also owns Beaver Fishery… a seafood wholesaler that sells to restaurants and supermarkets

  3. 在加拿大的一間餐廳裡頭…

    Miss Marz 拿著 2006 年最新款的龍蝦手提電話…

    (Do do do do …)

    Miss Marz: 喂? 豬on?


  4. Hey Rick! Opps… I didn’t intentionally do that to you :p come to Canada and try our lobsters!

    Thanks Ping for the inside scoop!!!

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