Marlowe 1Around November last year, we were going to go to Marlowe for DC’s birthday dinner. (last year’s post) However, it was all booked when we called – they said we have to make the reservation about 1 week in advance. We ended up going to Dow’s Noodle/Hot Pot. There were several times that we thought we would go to Marlowe during Friday lunch, but we always ended up going somewhere else. Maybe this restaurant is supposed to be best for a Friday night out. On a Friday evening (I believe it was the Friday before Canada Day long weeked), all tired after work… Me and my bf came to this place coz we couldn’t think of a place to go – well… also, this is quite conveniently located, and… we haven’t tried it. When we got there, I was surprised that there weren’t a lot of patrons. But immediately we figured out the reason – it was around 9pm at night – no wonder! It was a bit late for a regular dinner, and a bit early for the Friday night drinks, but it’s good to go there during this half an hour gap ’cause it’s much easier to get a table at that time.

Looking around, I could see a lot of girls with good figures and well-dressed – seemed like they were all ready for the Friday night. On the door, it said mandatory coat-check after 10pm (or something like that), and you need to be 21 years or older in order to get in. Hum… sounds interesting. As I could see… It was a good place to check out some hot chicks. (Of course I check out girls! Guys, don’t tell me you never check out other guys.)

When we got there, we were given a relatively simple menu… Even though it was simple, I didn’t know what to order. How weird. There was another special menu for that weekend til July 4. So, we ordered the fish special (monkfish w/ zuccini, eggplant sundried tomatoes, etc.) and a Voodoo chicken pizza (Grilled Cajun chicken breast, bacon, asiago and mozzarella cheese). See below:

Marlowe 2 Marlowe 3 Marlowe 4

Oh, almost skipped the bread and butter part – the bread was so-so, I would say it could be better if it was warm. On the left, you see the black mess – that’s the olive oil with real mashed olive. It was quite good… reminded me of the olive bread that I always had when I was working downtown.

The Voodoo chicken pizza, as you can see is a thin crust one – quite good.

The Fish special, I would say, was a surprise. I mean… I don’t expect to have good fish at a western restaurant. But the fish that night was good. The sauce + veggies really went well with the fish. I liked it.


Marlowe 5

After the pizza and fish special – of course… we still had some space for dessert. Yeah… I haven’t had dessert for such a long time. I mean huge and filling DESSERTS!!! (Hum… I do eat a lot, don’t I? ;p)

We ordered the Fudge Brownie – chocolate brownie with vanilla and chocolate ice-cream, whipped cream, topped with hot fudge; and the White chocolate cheesecake served on a shortbread crust with Bing cherries.

While waiting for our desserts, we saw a server giving these two desserts to the table behind us – and we thought: “That’s our dessert!!!” Even our waitress thought it was a mistake. But we found out right away that was because the other table ordered the exact same things. (What a coincidence!)

The desserts were goooood… maybe the brownie one was a bit too sweet and too filling; the cheesecake was so-so. We couldn’t finish all of them. After this dinner, I felt kinda guilty because I was very full. (oh noooo) But the thing is, I finally felt like holidays after the desserts (the effect of indulgence). All these days, all these tension… finally broke down because of the desserts.

The place was nice – huge patio area, dance area inside, bar available, dining areas for dinner, etc. Service was good. No complaint. For menu & price, you can check out their website.

RELAX… at least for the Canada Day weekend.

Marlowe 6 Marlowe 7

FYI: Marlowe Restaurant & Wine Bar
(1) 558 College Street, Toronto
Tel: 416-963-2229
(2) 155 York Blvd., Richmond Hill
Tel: 905-771-8645

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