Superman Returns

1am – Just got home from the movie theatre. The two free movie tickets that I got from Oatmeal Crisp cereal were going to expire on June 30. So, we decided to go for movie tonight. Originally I was thinking of The Lake House, but when we went to the theatre, we saw the SUPERMAN RETURNS was playing!!! It was supposed to start on Friday and the ticket guy told us that this is a “sneak preview” (lol). So, we went for the Superman instead. (It was packed!) If it wasn’t because of my bf, I guess I would have gone for the Lake House or the OMEN. The Superman turned out to be not bad. I quite liked it although there was no surprise at all. Maybe this movie is supposed to please the ladies – apparently, the guys were not very satisfied with this movie. Yet, at the theatre, we saw a hardcore Superman fans, dressed up like a Superman – I’m sure he would be thrilled.

So many things have happened lately – Some are unfortunate, some are hilarious, some are ridiculous. The highlight, of course, would be me burning up the microwave with a bag of popcorn and smoked the office on Monday 5pm. My God! It was like one of those office sitcom – and I was the main cast. We had to change a microwave and now I know I should never ever underestimate how quickly 3 min can fly. My whole body just smelt like charcoal BBQ that evening. That was really “memorable”.

9 thoughts on “Superman Returns

  1. I watched Superman tonight. I like it. It’s not as entertaining as the old sequels but with some nice touches. And the new Superman is handsome!

  2. Totally agree! I guess… that’s why the girls (me) would like it. Argh. It’s nice to have a superman bf (lol).

  3. Hmmmm……I don’t think you want the kind of guy’s who walk around in blue skintight body-suits with red, knee-high go-go boots! If you know what I mean. 😛

  4. arh I went to see The Lake HOuse because it was a remade of a korean movie IL MARE. It was ok with not much surprise. Holloywood wanted to amke it simplier, while the original korean version was more dramatic.

  5. Ya… I heard from my colleague about the Korean original as well! Maybe I’ll watch it on DVD instead.

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