Vacation 11 – KFC

Lunck @ KFC 2Towards the end of my trip, I went to KFC once. Coming to this KFC at Telford reminded me of the time when I took an UT summer course in Hong Kong. We did a report on KFC and how it entered the China market. I took some pictures of this store and one of my group members took some pictures of the KFC on his Shanghai trip.

Life’s full of surprises. In school, I never thought that I would be working in this field – of course I couldn’t have imagined I would be handling some of the KFC-related research. Most of the courses that I took were related to either Finance or Economics. I think how a person thinks and acts has a lot to do with what s/he studies. I would say… I always unconsciously make decisions based on the marginal cost vs. benefit/utility.

Cost of maintaining this blog = the time that I devote to writing these posts + cost of website hosting

Obviously there is no materialized benefit, but I do get high utility from (1) Expressing my feeling (2) Sharing with others (3) Meeting new friends like some of you who have been reading my blog (4) Keeping my friends updated on my life – if they ever care to know, and finally (5) Revitalizing my mind – I try to treat every post as a little project for myself (although many of them have been expression of my feeling).

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I know I’m going off-topic again. ;p We ordered a chicken rice with cream sauce and a teriyaki chicken sandwich, which tasted ok. I found it tasted like BBQ pork for some reason.

This middle-class fusion food wasn’t bad at all. At least, I would go for this one instead of a McDonald’s burger, which I doubt what the meat was made of. I remember there were several times when I played with Chinese food and western ingredients e.g. putting 2 slices of cheese on top of my fried rice and microwave for dinner @ office (ya… there was nothing to eat except that.) Also, making a sandwich with pieces of “zhenjiang vinegar”-marinated pork (鎮江肉). That was actually quite yummy. 🙂

Lunch @ KFC 1

4 thoughts on “Vacation 11 – KFC

  1. i’ve still been toying with the idea of a chinese-style pizza .. cha-siu on top, roasted pork + crispy skin .. some of the sweet sauce .. etc ..

    i had a roasted duck pizza t Oliver & Bonacini — it was pretty bad — dry, tasteless duck .. >_

  2. i feel very awkward eating at fast food restaurants in hk — leaving my mess/garbage at the table seems so wrong — but when i throw out my own garbage, ppl (esp the cleaning staff) STARE at me ..

  3. I know how you feel!!! ‘coz I felt the same way too! but I guess we shouldn’t take their jobs away =p

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