Vacation 8 – Maxim’s

Maxim’s fast food. I like their 鹹蛋三寶飯, which directly translates to “salty egg 3 treasure rice” in English. Used to eat that a lot when I was in primary school. Thinking back, I realize I really had a good appetite and a huge stomach. Used to finish a whole combo (soup + meat + veggie + rice + drink) all by myself, but don’t know since when I just can’t do that anymore. I guess that’s why I can never be a bone-y, skinny girl. One afternoon, me and my mother came to Maxim’s fast food again. She likes Maxim’s BBQ Pork, and I saw this traditional dish (家鄉菜式) – steamed meat with salty egg yolk on top, slightly modified by adding wild rice to suit the “modern lifestyle”. It’s good to eat at Maxim’s again. 🙂 Reasonable price and good quality.

Lunch @ Maxim 1

Lunch @ Maxim 2

6 thoughts on “Vacation 8 – Maxim’s

  1. 不知道MenuPix.com這個網站你有沒有去過呢?它是一個提供各個餐館菜單的網站哦~

  2. 叉燒燒肉飯 = Fork Burn Burn Meat Rice
    叉油雞飯 = Fork Oil Chicken Rice
    燒鵝油雞飯 = Burn Goose Oil Chicken Rice
    麻婆豆腐飯 = Sesame Grandmother Bean Rotten Rice


  3. Hi KLC! Thanks for the reco! That site is quite useful… I think it’s only for the U.S., but it may become handy one day when I’m in the states.

    Yo bubu… great translations man! ;p

  4. The 四和菜 lover is now in HongKong. My god, 4 heavy dinners within my first week in HongKong. I need a rest for the second week, but also need to get up in the mid night to watch World Cup Soccer games. Too much junk food and mid night “siew yeah” must work out upon my return to markham.

  5. Hey Drifter! have lots of fun and good food in HK!!! Worry about your weight when you get back 😉

    Ya… I like that picture! YUMMM

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