Vacation 5 – Japanese Food (b)

Had a gathering with some girl friends. The organizer originally said it was gonna be in Kowloon, but it turned out to be in Sai Kung (西貢普通道). It’s the Japanese restaurant “Kitaro” (喜多郎日本料理) just beside the original “HoneyMoon” Dessert (滿記甜品). I remember going there with some Toronto friends back in 2004. I can’t remember how that was, but this time was not bad. Just not bad. A total of 12 ladies came to this place @ 7:30pm on a Saturday night and it was a fullhouse. We ordered A LOT of food, including fresh oysters (I found it so-so), assorted sashimi, all sorts of rolls/maki, clam soups, tofu soups, fried rice (this one tastes very good!), steak cubes, maki with wasabi sauce, deep fried stuffs… I was just so happy chatting and eating, and didn’t really take any picture of the food. (Instead I took lots of pictures of girls :p) Some of the dishes were really tasty, such as the fried rice and steak, and some were just so-so. The total was a bit less than HKD300/person. Not too too expensive, but not cheap either. I don’t think I would propose to go there next time.

Dinner @ Sai Kung 喜多郎 1 Another Japanese restaurant that I went to was also in the Harbour City. (Yes, after all these nights, I was getting tired of going there.) It was the Azabusabo (麻布茶房), another chain Japanese restaurant which can be found in Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong. That night 3 of us were seated near the window. Although the view wasn’t as nice as the one @ Iccho (魚一丁), but the atmosphere was quite good there. **Azabusabo Taiwan website is much more well-designed, but the menu seems to be a bit different**

Here’s what we ordered for the night: 3 Combos (main course of 1. Crab meat Omelette in soup (蟹肉蛋包); 2. Home-made Cheese burger with mushroom wine sauce (自家製芝士漢堡伴香菇紅酒汁); 3. Egg-wrapped Seafood Udon (蛋包海鮮炒烏) that come with rice, plus their best selling dessert.
Dinner @ Harbour City 麻布茶房 1 Crab-meat Omelette in soup – Had a bit of it and found it ok.

Dinner @ Harbour City 麻布茶房 2It’s the noodle wrapped with egg… actually tastes pretty good (when it was shared among three of us). I think if I were to finish it all by myself, it won’t taste good.

Dinner @ Harbour City 麻布茶房 5

This one above is the home-made Cheese burger with mushroom wine sauce

YUMMM :p~~
Dinner @ Harbour City 麻布茶房 3This is the rice that we ordered. You can choose from a selection e.g. wild rice, salmon rice, plum rice, etc…

Dinner @ Harbour City 麻布茶房 4
Finally, this is their famous dessert – Sweet potato Ice-cream (燒蕃薯霜淇淋). It is good, but not anything really usual. You get the warm potato at the bottom & the cool ice-cream on top. I saw a lot of negative review on this restaurant – especially about the customer service there. To me, the customer service was okay that night. The waitresses may be a bit less responsive… but they weren’t as bad as described on the reviews. Dinner cost = HKD 90/person

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