Vacation 4 – Japanese Food (a)

Dinner @ Tsuen Wan 和民 2I thought I’ve already had a lot of Japanese food in Toronto… til I went to HK. When I went out with relatives, it was usually Dim Sum; but if I was going out with friends, most of the time we went for Japanese food. I think if you’re in HK, you should have been to these places since some of them are chain restaurants. The first one that I went to was Watami (和民居食屋) @ Tsuen Wan. Obviously, this restaurant has been expanding during the past few years as I can see it everywhere now. That night, my friend CF and I went to this place and were seated at a two-person table. After looking at the menu and chatting for a bit, we know for sure that little two-person table wouldn’t be enough for us. (you know… we are not the bony “on-diet” girls and we were gonna be ordering A LOT! I really mean it.)

Dinner @ Tsuen Wan 和民 1So here’s what we ordered that night: Roasted Squid, Assorted skewer, Assorted sashimi, Pizza, Maki, Sea Urchin sushi, and plum wine on the rock… , plus another two dishes (Baked scallops with butter & Beef Steak) that are not shown here.

The family at another table was very surprised that we could be eating more than they did. The only thing I wasn’t satisfied was that the service was just too slow. It took us a long time to get the bill, pay the bill and even at the end return the survey form to them. Survey huh? I hope they would really take a look at our comments and do something about it.

Japanese Ramen @ Harbour City

During the trip, I didn’t do a lot of shopping until almost the end. I think I spent like 3-4 days of intensive shopping (by that I mean from 11am to 8pm). If you ever go to HK and wanna do some shopping during the summer, you definitely gotta go to Harbour City in TST ’cause you’ll be able to find almost all the brands there (or near that area). More importantly, it’s air-conditioned… so you won’t be sweating a lot. Of course, if you wanna get some good stuffs @ a better price, you must go to the Granville road areas. Lots of accessories!!! e.g. nice earrings @ HKD30/pair. OK OK back to my food journal… Yea, one of those days I was just so tired after a whole morning of walking. Then I thought… what should I eat. I wondered… ’cause I usually had someone to eat with and I would just let them decide. Unexpectedly, I found out my comfort food was actually… the Japanese RAMEN! This one looks quite greasy… and it tasted so-so *got it at the food court*
Dinner @ Harbour City 魚一丁 1It’s always good have see some old friends. Especially during this trip I got to hang out with 1-2 friends at a time…and we could really TALK. That night… KH and I went to 魚一丁 刺身居酒屋 Iccho Japanese Restaurant @ Harbour City (again!) One of the reasons why we went there was because of the parking. Secondly, you can get a pretty good harbour view @ the parking lot and in the restaurant. That night, the sky was really clear.

Originally, we wanted to get the Special Beancurd Steak with Cheese, but they said the stove was out of order! So, we ordered the Amiyaki Grilled Steak, Iccho Ramen Salad, Hokkaido Iccho Seafood Sashimi on Vinegar Rice and a Rainbow Roll. For two people, it was MORE THAN ENOUGH. I was so full after that. The Sashimi rice was really huge although it didn’t look like it. I have to say the quality was good, but it wasn’t cheap. Thanks KH for that.

Dinner @ Harbour City 魚一丁 2 Close up…

(Late at night… and I’m tired. My Japanese food eating journal to be continued :))

5 thoughts on “Vacation 4 – Japanese Food (a)

  1. hmm .. none of the japanese food looks particularly leaps-and-bounds beyond what you can get in toronto .. if anything, i think some of the more unique places in toronto (and esp in vancouver) are much more creative than hk .. ? do you think this is true?

  2. I think so too! These places aren’t really special. I’m sure there’re some places that are more worth-visiting especially for those who’re visiting HK for the first time. We just picked whatever was the most convenient for everyone. The most important was still to get together and chat 🙂

    I’ve heard so much about different unique places in TW though (since my bf just went there during the same time) gosh… I gotta go there next time!

    Bubu! ya… I’ve eaten a lot of stuffs! But I actually lost weight (don’t worry I will gain those back in no time :p)

  3. there is a phenomenal japanese buffet chain in taiwan .. Jagoya i think .. they had sashimi from fish i’ve NEVER heard of before .. including dolphinfish! (not dolphin — they’re deep ocean fish that look a bit like dolphins)

    i seem to lost weight whenever i go to asia, cuz i’m always walking around instead of sitting at the office doing work ..

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