Vacation 1 – Arrival

Hong Kong

April 28, 2006 – I’m in Hong Kong again. Last time I was in HK – it was about 1.67 years ago. Just like the many times that I’ve been to HK, the first immediate feeling I had when I stepped out of the airport was “humid”. Friday evening, it was raining in HK – kinda greyish. Greyish marz… Listening to my iPod nano, I couldn’t help thinking about how short this vacation would be compared to all the previous trips. I know I shouldn’t think that way, but I just couldn’t help.

This trip is gonna be very physically tiring – so much to do, so little time.

The first thing that I had to do was to get my Smart ID card. Originally, I was going to do it on Saturday. Since I wasn’t too tired, after a bowl of beef ball rice noodle, I left all my luggages in the apartment and went straight to the ID center. This is the first meal of the trip ($17 @ a noodle place in Kwun Tong) – Not as good as the ones that I used to have in Yuen Long – maybe I just didn’t really feel like eating at that time.

First meal in HK

The next day, Saturday morning… went to Telford – Guess what I saw? STARBUCKS!!! I felt that I kinda miss Toronto already (I actually didn’t expect this – after these years in Toronto, I think my love for Canada is more than I thought). I went to the small Starbucks near the escalators. They didn’t have the white moca – so I ordered the Latte instead. Went to the banks – LONG LINE-UPS!!! alas, I hate banking. I don’t understand why HK banks have so much paperwork. The mechanism seems to inefficient to me. Online banking sucks too. After all the waiting, form-filling and waiting… it’s already lunch time.

So… we had Dim Sum time @ Maxim. I think I’m already used to having segregated non-smoking areas in Toronto, I was surprised when I saw the “smoking” area was just beside the “non-smoking” area and not having a seperate ventilation. Anyhow, that was OK to me since I’m used to the 2nd-hand smoke these days already. (I gradually realized how un-HK I am – I gotta re-adopt to the HK culture if I ever come back to work…) Ordered some dim sum and a BBQ pork rice – the BBQ pork @ Maxim is still as good as the old days 🙂

10 thoughts on “Vacation 1 – Arrival

  1. I have never been moved by a blog site before, but now I have. Your love for food and courage to try new things is just inspirational. I will be in the Toronto area for the next little while, 🙂 if my wallet allows, I hope to taste some of the wonderful places you mentioned in here.

  2. Have you tried ‘Lok Yuen 樂園’ in Mok Kok? They have their hand-made beef ball and other meat balls. Very good! :P~~

  3. Hi Ray,
    Thanks for your comment and encouragement! Are you visiting Toronto right now? Hope you’re having a great time here!

    Yea, I think I tried that long long time ago 🙂 It was good!!!

  4. I am actually living in Missisauga (since highschool) but I will head off to graduate school in California soon and after visiting your blog I feel that I’ve lived here in vain 😛

  5. Don’t say that! I heard that there’s a very good Singaporean/Malaysian restaurant in Missisauga. Hope I’ll have a chance to try that soon!!

    California sounds fun!
    Graduate school… sigh…
    To do or not to do
    That’s the question

  6. I haven’t really been anywhere in Mississauga. I know a few neat places in Kitchener/Waterloo region where I went for ungergard(U of Waterloo). California does sound wonderful, haha, that’s why I gave up the ultimate-geeky engineering school offer (MIT) to go to Stanford instead 🙂 I look forward to the sunshine and possible good food? You are thinking of doing grad school too? Did you just graduate as well?

  7. Yea… that’s one of the options too. Me? I’m working right now, but you know… it may be good to have some changes sometimes.

  8. Yeah, work is certainly different from school. I did two years worth of co-op work 😛 I think I enjoy the simplicity of school more.

  9. Hey Ray! I don’t know if you’ve tried this restaurant… Here’s the info: Highly recommended by my colleague and I’m gonna try this for sure! Since you’re in Mississauga…

    Lion City Restaurant
    1177 Central Parkway West, Unit 70
    Mississauga, Ontario

    MUST TRY: Hainanese Chicken Rice


    Another one that I’ve heard about is a pretty good Malaysian/Singaporean restaurant in Scarborough:

    Gourmet Gardens Restaurant
    4465 Sheppard Avenue East,
    Scarborough, ON M1S 5H9
    Tel: 416-332-8765

  10. Oh man, I drove by the place so many times. If I try it before you do, I will for sure let you know how it goes =]

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