3 Days Left…

Yes. I’m still in HK – 3 more days til I go back to Toronto. During the past 2.5 weeks, I’ve been seeing a lot of friends, different friends. Had some interesting conversation and I could see how different the perspectives could be.

There’ve been many nights that I partied til 6am, then go out again at 9am. I know I should be relaxing during vacation, but I just don’t want to waste any minute here. You should know how I feel – Just like after a whole week of OT and hardwork, you wouldn’t wanna sleep early during the weekend. I think that’s how people generally feel nowadays.

Bought quite a lot of accessories – today’s the day for electronics. I’ve finally made my decision on the DC and Cell phone – hopefully they are userfriendly and can last for a while.

Arriving Toronto on May 18 and going back to work the next day, I don’t know if I can stay awake at work 😉

4 thoughts on “3 Days Left…

  1. yea .. i know the feeling .. sleeping in hk seems like such a waste of time — everyone else is still awake .. 🙂

    enjoy your time there! i’m sure you’ll get plenty of sleep on the plane .. you’re going to be absolutely exhausted ..

    you bringing back anything for me? 😀 green tea kitkat maybe? 😉

  2. Miss Marz,

    看來你是大貴人… 😛


    會不會 Delay?

  3. Yup… Luckily there’re the 20%-30% off taxi at night, otherwise, I’d be spending lots of money on transportation (it’s quite expensive commuting in HK!!!) Hahaha oh ya… I should bring back some snacks too – but I thought we can get green tea kitkat in T.O.?

    Yah! Typhoon Pearl’s here trying to blow me back to Toronto, but I don’t think it’s strong enough to delay the plane.

    I look like a crazy woman these 2 days because of the strong wind, my hair is totally uncontrollable :p

  4. the MTR prices add up after a while, esp if you’re going across the bay ..

    i haven’t seen the green tea kitkats here at all .. show me where they are when you come back pls .. !

    i guess you should be back tonight — have a safe flight!

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