7:30 @ IFC

So tired. Have been shopping/window-shopping for like many many hours straight today. I think the distance that I’ve walked during these few days is more than the distance that I usually walk in a month when I was in Canada.

Didn’t buy a lot of stuffs – only 2 blousers so far, but it was a good deal. Now I really understand why HK is a shopping paradise (especially the exchange rate is Cdn$1 = HK$7).

Gotta enjoy this week. I don’t wanna go back that soon. Sorry guys, so far I haven’t taken a lot of pictures + no computer to upload. Hopefully I’ll get to try some restaurant and take some pictures this week.

3 thoughts on “7:30 @ IFC

  1. that’s what i love about hk .. u can walk and walk and walk all over town .. it’s no wonder ppl in asia are thinner than ppl in north america ..

  2. hahahahahahhaa you know what? That’s what I thought too. HK people are like the buildings in HK – gotta be tall and slim =P

  3. Are those gov’t issued HK 10 dollar notes more popular now? Not the older ones issued by the bank. You know the purple ones that were introduced a few years ago? It came out about the same time the Japanese 2000 yen bill came out and those practically disappeared here in Japan partly because none of the vending machines anywhere took them.
    I wonder if they ever caught on there. (My uncle was a heavy supporter of the idea.)

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