Marz in China

Today’s the seventh day since I’ve arrived HK. Right now, I’m in Shenzhen. Believe it or not, I haven’t really bought anything so far. 3 weeks vacation seems to be quite long if you’re working full-time, but it seems so tight to me… There are just so many stuffs to do (not fun stuffs – these are like… banking and govt issues), so many relatives to see. This HK trip just doesn’t seem to be relaxing at all.

Work, work and work… The only thing fun that I’ve done so far was hanging out w/ friends last weekend @ Lan Guai Fong and tried an Indian restaurant that night.

Hopefully, when I get back to HK on Friday, I can finally do some shopping, see some friends and get some rest (well… may not be physically coz I don’t think I’ll go to sleep that early – at least mentally).  I know I shouldn’t complain – afterall, I’m taking a paid-vacation.

So far… there’re two things that I noticed about HK:

1. Things are getting much more expensive – I mean the clothes and stuffs like that aren’t really as cheap as what I had in mind (maybe it’s just not the SALES season yet).

2. Girls are putting on HEAVIER makeup + HUGE eyelashes.

Ok… gotta go… – to be cont’d-

2 thoughts on “Marz in China

  1. are you getting your HK Smart ID card .. ? my year was called already, but i haven’t gone back yet .. if you’re doing it — is it a long process .. ? did you have to schedule it ahead of time ?

  2. Ya I just did my HK smart ID card the first day I arrived. It was easy and fast. Don’t really need to make reservation in advance. But of course, if you’re coming to HK for a short period of time, you should reserve just in case.

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