East Side Mario’s new menu

Tuesday night. We came to this East Side Mario’s near Markville Shopping Center. The previous few times that I’ve been to ESM… I went to the location near 404 and Steeles. At around 7pm, the main dining room of this ESM was almost full. So, we were seated at the bar area instead – 5 people including 3 guys were just a bit too big of a group to fit into the little booth. The first impression was that this location was much nicer than the other one I used to go to. And look at the menu!!! Instead of the old round menu, ESM just redesigned their menu! However, I don’t know it’s just me or what… I found the old ESM menu was just a bit “too busy” to read. This new menu seems to be better.

Since we were waiting for 1 person, we ordered two appetizers. If you’ve been to ESM, you’ll know they have the special price for appetizers before 6pm and after 9pm (I think…). Anyhow, we ordered the appetizers without the special price.

Here’re what we ordered.
East Side Mario's 1
Buffalo-style Chicken Wings (1lb.) – Mild… served with carrots, celery and blue cheese dip. But the wings were a bit too vinegary.

East Side Mario's 2
Mama’s Best Bruschetta – Pesto brushed flat bread, topped with vine-ripened tomatoes, garlic, extra virgin olive oil, fresh basil and Asiago cheese.

Everyone finally there… I ordered a lasagna but I was already so full with all the free of charge green salad and wedding soup. So, I only had 3 bites and then wrapped that to go -_-! The service was ok. I wasn’t expecting better/worse. Price? You can visit their site.

East Side Mario's 3
Interestingly, they gave away gummies at the end. Don’t think I got that before.

Yea, it took me like a week to write up this post. Life’s kinda crazy these days.

FYI: East Side Mario’s

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