Shoeless Joe’s

Shoeless Joe's 10Shoeless Joe’s is one of the restaurants that I always see around but never been to. Last Sunday, I was finally there for a friend’s birthday gathering. The one we went to was on Hwy 48. The first time I saw the address, I was like… where the hell is Hwy 48?!?! Then I went on the Google maps and search for it. Oh, I should drive north on Main Street, then pass 16th Ave., it would be changed to Hwy 48. So, at around 7:00pm Sunday night, I drove up to Hwy 7, and then turned into the “Main Street” of Unionville, hoping that I could just go north and get to Hwy 48. Unfortunately, that was not the case. This “Main Street” was different from that “Main Street”!

Anyhow, I finally managed to get there at around 7:40pm – took a bit longer than expected. On a Sunday night, the place wasn’t as busy as it should have been. (Maybe we were kinda early – more customers started to come in after we finished our meal.) Looking at the menu, the only item that stood out was the Spring training steak, which is a 5oz cut of top sirloin, with potato on the side and choices of other side items such as mushrooms, seafood, etc.. 5oz portion seems to be just right for the ladies – or for lunch time. I didn’t order that coz I didn’t feel like steak for that night. What I’ve ordered instead was the Rib and Wing combo, with honey garlic ribs and original wings.

Shoeless Joe's 2
My rib and wing combo. Looks pretty good, but it was ok – quite standard. Interestingly, I quite liked the fried potato though 🙂

Shoeless Joe's 3Take a closer look at it…

Shoeless Joe's 4From another angel – ya, I’m obsessed with this. My friends were teasing me – food is the main cast :p

Shoeless Joe's 6
This is the Spring Training Steak that I just mentioned. (with the weird neon light reflection)

Shoeless Joe's 5
Our birthday guy’s New York Striploin. Looks good!

Shoeless Joe's 7To tell you the truth, I don’t know which steak this is. This is extraordinary HUGE! Maybe it doesn’t seem so in the picture. BUT it IS BIG and quite rare in the middle.

Shoeless Joe's 1Almost forgot about the Caesar Salad.

Shoeless Joe's 9And the dessert menu… We didn’t have their dessert though… coz we were thinking of going elsewhere for the dessert.

The service was not bad. The drink was huge! Besides that, if you go downstairs, you will see a video game arcade on the way to the washroom… which is kinda usual. I don’t know if all the Shoeless Joe’s are like that or this is a special one. After all Shoeless Joe’s is a Sport –themed restaurant. (Maybe that’s one of the reasons why I haven’t been there before? ‘Coz I’m not that sporty :p)

FYI: Shoeless Joe’s – Check this out for various locations.
You can also see the actual menu + pricing there.

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