Chinese BBQ Take-out 燒臘

BBQ Take-Out 1This post was supposed to be published on Saturday night… but too bad – my computer is dying now. Life has been busy lately. But it’s always nice to talk to my friend – Happy Birthday “G”! Just finished an 2.5 hours phone call with her. Looking at the clock, and guess what? It’s 3 o’clock in the morning!!! Well, tonight is the daylight time adjustment night – i.e. we just turned the clock forward 1 hour. I’m tired. So, today let’s talk about the stuffs that I usually get when I get off work, all tired, don’t feel like cooking nor going to restaurant. Yes, the easiest way is to order the Chinese BBQ meat combo to go.

BBQ Take-Out 2

If you are Chinese, I’m sure you know the kind of place I’m talking about. Those stores where you can buy BBQ pork (the whole pig with crispy skin OR the usual tenderloin ones), soy-sauce chicken, BBQ duck, BBQ goose, red sausage, deep fried tofu, etc… There are countless BBQ stores in the GTA, but out of the ones that I’ve tried, this He He Long is one of the best.

Located near at the N.E. corner of Leslie and Finch, where the new Asian Legend is located, there is a very small store operated by a short-hair lady (the cashier) and a mid-age man (the skilled butcher – or… how do you call him? he’s not really the butcher coz he’s not doing the killing, and he’s not the cook). Sometimes there is also a young guy who do job. I always wonder if they’re a family. Overall, the price there is a little bit higher than the other BBQ places especially when you only buy the meat instead of a rice combo). Usually, I’d get a rice combo with 2 types of meat (soy-sauce chicken + BBQ pork w/ crispy skin although the skin is no longer crispy when I get there at 7-8 pm). Cost about $6.50-7.00. I found the BBQ duck there also pretty good. Maybe it’s because my mother likes BBQ duck, we always try BBQ duck from different places.

Other than this BBQ place, top of my mind, Sam Wo (at Bamburgh Gardens), the BBQ store at the Evergold Center (good and cheap soy-sauce chicken leg) and the one at First Markham Place also have decent Chinese BBQ food.

For the Toronto Chinese mall locations, you may find this map useful. (It maybe a bit outdated due to all the new malls opening up along Steeles Ave. East)

FYI: He He Long BBQ Take-Out Shop 和合隆燒臘
111 Ravel Road, North York, ON., M2H 1T1 (利是商場內)
Tel: 416-490-8288

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  1. 挑選上等燒肉首先是要有夾層(一層肥一層廋)…


  2. thank you for posting this, next time you come to the shop talk to the “short-hair lady” we’ll treat you to a free meal.

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