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Le Cafe Michi 20 I have to say Thank You to my bf for continuously being my food adventure partner. Although from time to time he kinda complains about me always want to try new places, he was there with me anyway. Friday night was a classic example. Originally, I was thinking about going to Moxie’s Classic Grill, the one located at Fairview Mall. I’ve always wondered if Moxie’s is any good since every time I walked by it was always packed. So, Friday night, finally I have made up my mind, plucked up my courage and walked into this place. 1 minute after. The fire alarm was activated and everyone had to evacuate. LOL. God, I think it must be my fate – I was not supposed to go there.

I know you all know what’s gonna happen next.

Yea, where should we go instead? We were thinking of a lot of the places, including the Dave & Buster since they just went there the night before and found the Honey-Mustard Spinach Salad very good. BUT… that’s kinda far, and he just went there 24 hrs ago. So, we drove on Sheppard… and suddenly I saw the neon light “SUSHI OPEN” outside Le Cafe Michi. Here we go!

Le Cafe Michi 17 I have to say the parking there was quite cramped, but if you go to the back, you can still find some spots. The restaurant was not a big one. At around 8:00 p.m., it was full house. As you can see… there is a room at the back. It is actually a sushi bar that can hold up to 10 persons. (I think they can sing Karaoke there too! coz I heard someone singing from inside.) Since I had nothing to do when I was waiting for the table, I kinda checked out the customers there. The customers inside the room were some westerners and Japanese people, and the customers outside in the main dining area… were mainly Chinese – Cantonese (possibly HKese), Taiwanese (from the language they use) and CBCs. The waitresses there were Japanese. The capacity is about 30 people.

Le Cafe Michi 13 On the side, you will see a lot of cakes (it’s a cafe afterall) and sake. Unfortunately, by the time we had cake, the green tea cake was all gone!

Le Cafe Michi 16 This is the entrance… So you get a feeling of how the restaurant looks like.

Le Cafe Michi 1
Finally, we were seated after about 40 minutes of wait!!! Looking at the fridge, I saw some canned peach drinks. Therefore, I ordered the “Peach Juice” and my bf ordered a coke. There was 2 seconds of hesitant when I told the waitress that I would like to get that peach juice… then after a few sip of the peach juice… I understood why she had that hesitation… hahaha that was actually a peach sour… alcoholic drink! I was all red by the time I finished my drink.

After looking at the menu – which is not a very large one… they have about 10 set dinners (sushi type), 6-8 set dinners (donburi type) and some other à la carte items. Here’re what we ordered for the night:
Le Cafe Michi 2
Green salad that comes with the dinner… very good although the portion was quite small. There was special aroma from the veggie.

Le Cafe Michi 3Tekka Roll – our first main dish – the portion was larger than expected. It was good. The wasabi was very strong! Argh… my tears came out! But I like that.

Le Cafe Michi 4

Tekka Roll close-up

Le Cafe Michi 5Gyudon – had a spoon and it was pretty good.

Le Cafe Michi 6Miso soup – above average.

Le Cafe Michi 7Uni (sea urchin) & Ikura (salmon roe) on rice. Nice and fresh. Haven’t had Uni for a long time!

Le Cafe Michi 8

Close-up – Look at it! It’s so beautiful!!!

Le Cafe Michi 9 Premium Sushi Set – the size of the nigiri was much bigger than expected! I was getting full after 3 pieces! This time, I believe shiso (a kind of mint) was added to the Tekka roll as you can see from the close-up. However, I’m not really fond of this taste. Overall the sashimi was quite fresh.

Le Cafe Michi 10
Premium Sushi Set – Close-up
(I like this picture – oh no… I’m getting obsessed with food porn!!!)

Le Cafe Michi 11Salmon Skin Roll – taste very good! although a bit different than what we expected.

Le Cafe Michi 12
Salmon Skin Roll – Close-up YUUMMM

Le Cafe Michi 14Finally, the set dinner came with piece of cake. The regular price of the cake is about $5.50 – $5.95/piece. The dinner dessert portion… I guess is about half of the regular size, which is just good enough because we were very full after 2 set dinner and 2 maki! This is the Orange chocolate mousse cake

Le Cafe Michi 15Tiramisu… Overall, I found the cake there so-so.

Le Cafe Michi 18Green tea – didn’t know we had to pay for it… but oh well… here it comes!

Le Cafe Michi 19Final Bill… The overall experience was not bad. The food was good overall, except the cakes. The portion was good. Price range for a set dinner is about $20-30 (sushi) or $ 15-18 (don). The service could be improved. When we first went to the restaurant, the waitress just told us to go to the back without telling us the expected waiting time, nor greeting us properly. No one ever got back to us when we were waiting in the alley. Maybe it’s just that they already got a lot of customers thus paid less attention to customer service. I think it’s still worth trying; try to go there a bit earlier in order to avoid the wait.

FYI: Le Cafe Michi
1802 Pharmacy Avenue Scarborough, ON.
Tel: 416-490-9688
Open Tuesday to Saturday 11:30 am to 9:30 pm, Sunday 11:30 am to 8 pm.
Closed Monday. L.L.B.O.

15 thoughts on “Le Cafe Michi

  1. I’m sure Toronto has more good Japanese restaurant than we do in Hong Kong..so unfair 🙁
    however, I recently found Hong Kong has many good place. the taste is very aD…your next mission is to find a good place in Toronto..haha
    btw..good photos taking…check out mine at my site

  2. Nice pictures!!! haha! Come back to eat + visit us then! My pictures? I’m just a dummy photographer + usually just take pictures of food. Hey! your chinese font wasn’t displayed properly… can’t read them :p

  3. fyi, the owner of Le Cafe Michi is the same as the owner of http://www.sushikaji.com , so you know you’re getting quality stuff at a fraction of the price .. the chef of kaji works at LCM during lunches only, i think ..

  4. LOL opps I forgot to add that selling point =P Ya, that what I heard too!

    Hey! Moooooooo! Where have you been?!?!?!

  5. looks like good quality Japanese food; gonna try it one of these days (but then again, I said the same thing about the place at VP/Sheppard and I still haven’t tried it)

  6. great pictures, by the way .. fantastic lighting, great angles, amazing clarity & crispness!

    dude, i’ve been sooooo busy at work .. tonite’s the first night i’ve had “free” in like MONTHS .. and i’m finally putting together a new review .. 🙂

  7. oh yea — Moxie’s is pretty much like milestones .. i’ve been there twice .. once at fairview location — they had a “taste of india” special, and i had a curry-flavoured pizza, thin crust just like milestone’s. .. other time i went to the yonge/empress location for a dinner, that place is a bit more upscale, don’t remember much about the food though .. just normal/mediocre ..

  8. Awesome restaurant (well..more like a cafe due to the number of seatings)
    Just came back; food was great, felt really cozy and the waitresses were attentitive for a Wednesday night.
    Thanks, Marz!

  9. Hey there, thanks for sharing your experience with me. I agree that their service is slow and the cakes are so-so in general. I heard from my colleague about the tasty sake cake, but I’ve never seen that.

  10. ooo I’ve been wanting to visit LCM for a long time. I was wondering, how much did you pay for the Peach Sour? Was it good? =)!

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