Log – early March

Haven’t blogged for over 10 days already – WHERE’s MARZ?!?!

hahahaha I’m still here. After the crazy weeks of Karaoke and Birthday Parties, I was just too tired to blog/write anything. Haven’t been to any really good/new restaurants lately either.

Oh wait…

Actually we went to the VIP Vietnamese Restaurant at First Markham Place on Friday night. We ordered the Pho, Vietnamese assorted platter, Singapore Chicken Rice, Vermicelli with charcoal broiled chicken, Seafood hot and sour soup, and the Vietnamese coffee. 5 people – 2 guys and 3 girls, the portion was good. I gotta say I love the Vietnamese coffee. It’s very stong (I know it was late at night, but it helped keep me awake for Majong! :p). The food there was so-so; nothing really outstanding, but at around 7:30p.m. we didn’t have to wait for the table. Supply and demand was about equilibrium. Overall, each person paid $15 (after T&T). It was ok.

The special event of the week (beside the Majong on Friday night) was that we had a Portobello night on Saturday. Our iron chef – AC was cooking! Midnight on Saturday, after having a dessert (or late dinner) at Richtree (Marche), we went to the 24hr Dominion’s to buy grocery. Then, cooked the Portobello with butter, red wine, garlic and with Prosciutto. We created 6 versions of it (with different amount of ingredients) and the 2nd version was the preferred one.

Crazy people… We also made the garlic bread and had an interesting discussion from Swarovski to Durex.

Right now… top of my mind… there’re 1 bakery, 1 chinese-western restaurant, 1 chinese restaurant, 1 fine dining place that I am going to try. Let’s rock and roll! Keep it going!

FYI: VIP Vietnamese Restaurant (金牛苑越南美食)
3229 Hwy 7, Markham, ON L3R 0J5 (First Markham Place)
Tel. : 905-415-9699

Richtree Market Restaurants

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