JP2 Oyster & Grill

JP2 Oyster & Grill

Today’s lunch.
Place: JP2 Oyster & Grill
Time: 1:00 p.m.
No. of Persons: 2

Was meeting my ex-boss today for lunch. Since he prefer Western food to Chinese food, a quiet place to a crowdy restaurant, we went to this JP2 Oyster & Grill near Hwy 404 and Hwy 7.

If I remember correctly, this location used to be a Japanese restaurant, however, I haven’t been there before. Then, that restaurant closed down (or moved – I’m not sure). About a few months ago, I drove by and saw the new blue logo “JP2” and I wondered if it is any good. Heard from one of my friend that this restaurant is COLD and food was OK. I guess this place has opened for awhile already, but during lunch time, there weren’t a lot of customers (especially compared to other restaurants near Commerce Valley).

1 p.m. there were 3 tables of customers. My ex-boss mentioned the sea bass that he has had before. Since the waiter also recommended that, each of us ordered a grilled sea bass (around $23). I also got a tomato & carrot (daily) soup and he got a crab chowder. They also have the Tuesday and Thursday Oyster promotion ($1 for 1 oyster), but we didn’t try that since he doesn’t want to eat oysters.

First, the bread came, and it was actually pretty good, warm and soft. Then, I had the soup, which was really (or unexpectedly) filling. After that, the entree came. Its look was very appetizing – with all sorts of vegetables – beans, green pepper, red pepper, asparagus and fresh tomato-basil salsa,… plus a small piece of potato rösti that sit between the sea bass and the vegetables at the bottom. Very colorful. The taste was also very good. Yumm…

All the dishes were delivered in a timely manner. Service was good & prompt (well… there weren’t a lot of customers at that time anyway…)

At the end, we also had coffee, but the coffee wasn’t very very fresh. Other than that, the overall experience was pretty good. Entree might be a bit pricy for a lunch. But I guess I’ll say, you can give it a try.

FYI: JP2 Oyster & Grill
135 York Blvd. (at East Beaver Creek Rd.), Richmond Hill
Tel: 905-886-3352

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