Winterlicious 2006

3 thoughts on “Winterlicious 2006

  1. 恩..好多間的餐廳價錢也看起來很不錯^^

  2. Last time (summerlicious), I went to The Strip House, which was pretty good! They have a good menu – lots of choices. You may wanna check it out.

    This time, after looking at the menu, I may try:
    – Corner House Restaurant (I like their menu ^^)
    – Zucca Trattoria
    – Filet of Sole
    – Flow

    Besides the menu, you may also look at the ambient/overall atmophere of the restaurants. Depends on the group of people you’re going with… e.g. Corner House may be good if you’re going out w/ your Significant Other (that’s what I’ve heard), Flow is a lounge, Filet of Sole and Zucca Trattoria are pretty casual – good for a group of friends.

    Restaurants like Canoe are always fully booked, but the reviews are always extreme. Some people find it excellent, some people say it is not worth going.

    Toula has good view (it’s located near the harbor front), but the menu isn’t very attractive. The menu of Assaggio Ristorante looks good, but its website is kinda cheesy (that kinda gives me a not-so-good impression of the place), some of my friends are going to the Boiler House – I’ve been there before and found it ok + their menu is so-so this time. But it’s nice to visit the Distillery District if you haven’t been there.

  3. 恩..多謝你的詳細解說^^
    我會好好參考他們的MENU再看看!! 不過對Canoe還瞞有興趣因為想看看他們的VIEW是不是很棒~不過定到位置在說摟!!

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