Road Trip 2005 – Day 1

I have been waiting for my friend to upload the pictures that we have taken during our last Montreal trip since Sept 2005. Argh! Unfortunately, he hasn’t uploaded anything so far. So, the best alternative is to use the pictures from the cell phone camera. (Courtesy of VN)

“Montreal + Mont Tremblant”Finally, Here I am!!!

Day 1
Saturday morning, gathered at Kelvin’s place, jumped onto the van and here we go… after a few hours of driving… we arrived at our hotel: Delta Centre-Ville. We booked 2 rooms for 7 people. The hotel’s location was pretty good… By the time we checked in and headed out for a walk, it was already around 4-5pm. We then went to Montreal downtown 1440 Peel Street for Energie and Miss Sixty since that is the only flagship store in Canada (as far as I know, the other one will be opened up in Yorkdale mall soon). However, when we arrived at Simon’s, it was closed already. (ARGH!!! I wanna go in and shop! Anyhow, we ended up going there on the next day^^)

Jardin Nelson 1After walking around downtown, everyone seemed to be a bit very hungry… and there were several restaurants that I had in mind… One of them was Moishes, a steakhouse on Rue St-Laurent, the other one was Jardin Nelson, located near the Saint-Laurent River. The final decision was to go south to the lovely Old Montreal area. This decision was actually quite good!

Jardin Nelson 2
Menu – its famous crepes…

Jardin Nelson… Here are what we ordered:

Jardin Nelson 3
Garden fresh tomato bruschetta – to start with… We were all so hungry and finished this in a blink!

Jardin Nelson 4
Baby prawns and avocado – nice little appetizer

Jardin Nelson 5
Famous crepes – we ordered the 2 house specialties:
(1) Newburg – Sweet batter, newburg sauce, lobster scampies, shrimps, scallops, swordfish, mozzarella and cheddar cheese – I LOVE IT!!!
(2) Gibier – Sweet batter, red deer, demi-glace sauce, morels, mozzarella and cheddar cheese – Didn’t try this, but my friends said it’s so-so.

Jardin Nelson 6
Pizza – “Du Marche” – with tomato sauce, tomato, broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, green peppers, onion, celery, asparagus, olives, artichoke, garlic, pesto, cheddar, mozzarella and parmesan cheese

Jardin Nelson 7
Fresh salmon lasagna au gratin – Atlantic salmon, bechamei sauce, spinach, cheddar and parmesan cheese – This was surprisingly tasty… especially when you shared with other people (reduced the portion). The salmon was very fresh.

Jardin Nelson 8
Cheesecake – of course… there had to be a dessert after dinner although we were all full!!

We ordered 1 red wine and 1 white wine. The ballpart total was around $300 (can’t remember exactly how much, but it was all worth it!) The only thing was that we didn’t get to sit under the huge outdoor parasol. If you go next time, remember to ask for that.

FYI: Jardin Nelson: 407 Place Jacques-Cartier H2Y 3B1, Quebec; Tel: 1-514-861-5731

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  1. Yea, I gave up… I was gonna wait for the pictures from the DC. But these’s cell-cam pictures actually turn out to be quite good!

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