Karaoke night 1Although I said I don’t wanna do this anymore… I still did it again and again. Went to karaoke two nights in a row – Friday and Saturday. I went on Friday because it was a new karaoke place, called TEN23. i.e. You can go there from 10am to 3am and they are serving lunch and dinner. The place is located on the North East side of Woodbine and Steeles, where the Kelsey’s used to be. The place was actually very nice, but I actually expected that to be even more upscale coz I think we really need some good Karaoke place in Toronto… just like the ones in HK/Shanghai/TW. The room we had was a mid-size room, but I wasn’t too sure about the minimum for that. The interface for the Karaoke control screen was better than the other ones that I’ve seen – more user-friendly and modern with the LCD monitor. The mic was good – of course, it’s a new karaoke place afterall.

We didn’t order a lot of food that night, but the deep fried beef balls were quite good, not very greasy. I also checked out their dinning area, which is nicely renovated. The bathroom was relatively clean – I guess it’s partly because the place is still very new. I guess I would go there again if I had a chance. The bill for that night was about $35 per person (with T&T). I think the price range of TEN23 is similar to that of Focus.

Other commments: TEN23 closes too early. By around 2:50a.m., all the songs were stopped. Com’on, all the new Ks should be opened til 4a.m., if not they should at least let us sing til 3a.m., not just stop us at 2:50a.m. Also, their milk-tea is very tasty, but the serving size was terribly small + they put lots of ice in it! The ice cubes just filled up to the top!!!

Karaoke night 2On saturday, I went to Powerbox instead… haven’t been there for awhile, but I still think they’ve the best food among all the Karokes that I’ve been to so far. I know… Late night eating + 2nd hand smoke = not healthy at all.

Tel: 905-479-6488

Power Box
World Bowl, 9 Wilmot Street East, Richmond Hill
Tel: 905-882-0999

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  1. Haven’t been there for quite awhile… From memory, English selection was so-so. Just like most of the Chinese Karaoke places. You see the MTV, not KTV of English songs.

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