Kenny’s Noodles 聯記麵家

Time: Wednesday @ 7:30p.m.
Restaurant of the night: Kenny’s Noodles 聯記麵家

If you are living in Toronto, you should have been to, or heard of Kenny’s Noodles. As far as I know, there are 3 Kenny’s Noodles in Toronto: one near Midland + Sheppard, one near Steeles + Kennedy, one in First Markham Place. However, to be honest with you, I never really liked this restaurant. Their noodle isn’t impressive… and given tons of choices, I seldom choose to go to this place.

Tonight’s event was my family gathering. My big sister (from my dad’s side) was treating our grandma and everyone a big dinner. At first, when I heard that we were going to eat @ Kenny’s, I wondered what we could order… but tonight turned out to be a great surprise!!!

In total we had 24 people, i.e. 2 big round tables. The dinner was similar to what we get from the big Chinese restaurant banquet – one dish after another. Let me see if I can remember what we had… (still feeling so full now :P)

1. Deep-fried Crab Meat Ball
2. Braised Shark’s Fin in Bouillon w/ Seafood and Deep Forest Mushrooms (竹笙)
3. Good Fortune Braised Conpoy with Garlic and Vegetable Sprouts
4. Platinum Wok-seared Fresh Prawns and Fresh Squid
5. Chicken with Chinese Mushroom and “Golden preserved ham” (金華火腿)
6. Fresh Brasied Lobsters with Ginger and Scallions
7. Fried Lobsters with Spiced Salt
8. Stir-fried Filet of Bass and Seasonal Vegetables
9. Wok-cooked Bass w/ “Tofu bamboo” (腐竹)
10. Fried Rice w/ crab “essence” (蟹膏)
11. Red Bean Sweet Soup with Lily Bulbs
12. Mango/Coconut pudding

I was amazed with the variety, quality + quantity of the dinner coz I never thought I could order all these dishes @ Kenny’s… (You know, it’s a noodle place afterall.) When I saw my uncle ordered the red bean bubble tea, I couldn’t help ordering one to share w/ my cousin. It was pretty good! (The soft drinks and bubble tea were all included with the meal.) All the dish sizes were much larger than expected – approximately 1.5 x normal banquet dish size, and you can see they really put good stuffs in it. e.g. the red bean sweet soup really had quite a lot of red bean and lily bulbs in it, unlike a lot of the places that would give you very watery sweet soup with no lily bulb. I don’t know if this night’s dinner was a special order since my big sister knew the boss. Overall, it was a good experience. Not sure how much it was… had a glimpse of the price … I thought it was about $700 (don’t know if T&T have been included or not).

FYI: Kenny’s Noodles 聯記麵家
3235 Hwy 7, First Markham Place, Markham, ON., L3R 0J5
Tel: 905-948-9327

3 thoughts on “Kenny’s Noodles 聯記麵家

  1. lol xD im glad u liked the food :o?

    yeah im a random person 😛

    Im actually the daughter of one of the people who owns Kenny’s Noodle. XD So far i’ve seen two negative reviews on it (including your earlier post), yes im bored in class right now so don’t mind me 😛 sorry for intruding on your site if you find it too personal xD

  2. Hey! thanks for dropping by. I don’t mind you leaving comments here at all. As you may have noticed, some owners of restaurants came here and left some comments too.

    BTW, um… I’ve been to Kenny’s Noodle again last Friday during lunch time. Same First Markham Place location, but don’t know why the quality varied a lot.

    I understand it depends on the shift of the chef and everything else… but I was just thinking KN can be much better 🙂

  3. Yeah, im guessing the quality does vary alot depending on the chefs, mmm everything can always be better 😉 There’s nothing that is perfect in this world. Although i don’t know much the restaurant shifts and such (since im not working at the restaurant) but im free to take suggestions and ideas about KN and pass it on =).

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