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Jamie Kennedy Wine Bar 1 Since we met in 2001, we haven’t seen each other til yesterday. It was a cold afternoon. The traffic was good. I arrived downtown around 2:15pm and found my way to the JKWB. It’s located near Church and Front, aross from the KEG; very easy to find. It was my first time to JKWB, but I have seen so many reviews and positive comments about this place. I stepped into this wine bar with high expectation. At around 2:30pm, there were 3-4 tables of patrons. The overall atmosphere was classic – very warm and simple with wooden racks, tables and floor. Our server approached us and gave us the menu for the day.

Jamie Kennedy Wine Bar 2He recommended 2-3 plates for person since the dishes are all tapas size. So, we ordered:
– Grilled Flatbread with Three Dips as a starter
– Steamed Mussels and Clams
– Grilled Sausage with Potato Puree
– Roast Chicken Breast with Savoy Cabbage and Paprika Sauce
– Moroccan Lamb with Couscous
What’s special is that each item comes with a suggested wine. But since neither of us is a big wine drinker, what we did was that we ordered the dishes and asked for recommendations. As a result, we picked a white wine for the first 3 dishes and a red wine for the remaining 2 dishes.

The food was up to my expectation. Everything was great! If you ask me which one I like best, I really can’t answer that question. Each dish has its character. The flatbreads and dips were good; steamed mussels and clams were very tasty… just wished its portion was bigger; the sausage wasn’t spectacular, but it tasted good with the potato puree (tasted sophisticated and there were figs in it!); the first bite of chicken wasn’t fantastic, but it was very good with the cabbage starting from my 2nd bite); finally… the lamb!!! I loved it!!!

Sorry guys… didn’t take any picture of the food, but I highly recommend this place. Even you don’t drink a lot, you can still get the 3 oz. or 6 oz. serving of wine. The total was about $84 (after tax, before gratuity) for 5 dishes and 3 cups of tasting size of wine.

FYI: Jamie Kennedy Wine Bar
9 Church St., Toronto, M5E 1M2
Tel: 416-362-1957
Open daily 11:30am-11:00pm

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  1. Booya,

    I’m amazed that you remembered nearly every detail of the meal. You gave the Chicken a bum wrap since you didn’t get the breast on the first bite ;p

    Susur next time?


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