Bombay Bhel

Time: Saturday @ 7:00pm
Restaurant for the night: Bombay Bhel

Had a gathering with some friends. A total of 12 persons came to this Indian restaurant at the Commerce Valley, near the Go For Tea and Baton Rouge. Here’re some of the dishes we ordered:

Bombay Bhel 1
Chicken Tikka (white meat)
Tender cubes of chicken marinated in our special spices. I kinda regreted ordering this plate since there were already Chicken/Meat Tikka from the assorted platter that we ordered. Plus erix doesn’t eat chicken… so we couldn’t share this dish. I tried my best, but I could only finish 2/3 of it.

Bombay Bhel 2
Mango Lassi – I like this. I found this lassi is better than the one I got from the HOST.

Bombay Bhel 3
Korma (Chicken) Boneless cubes of chicken cooked in a thick cream sauce with cashew nuts, served with naan bread. Dipped my naan bread into the sauce… Yumm… It was good.

Bombay Bhel 4
Naan bread close-up – it was fresh and soft.

Bombay Bhel 5
Biryani (Lamb)
A traditional rice dish cooked with choice of chicken, beef, lamb, or goat.
Garnished with fried onions. This is a bit spicy and quite big portion, but the taste was good!

Overall, I found this restaurant good – both service and food, and not too expensive. If I go next time, I’d order something else, probably more appetitzer, but I won’t go there very often because the taste of Indian cuisine is just a bit too strong for me.

FYI: Bombay Bhel (Thornhill); Other
230 Commerce Valley Dr. E., Thornhill, ON
Tel: 905-771-6957

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