Japango Omakase お任せ

Japango 6It was a rainy day, both figuratively and literally. Tuesday evening, I just found out I’ve made a HUGE mistake somewhere. A mistake that I had no clue how and why it was there. Bad things happen – it reminds me of AC’s watch “Tough time never last”. I kinda feel the same way too. Haven’t been sleeping well lately. Lots of nightmares. One night I even dreamt of the UFOs. Crazy person. OKOK… I should stick to my topic now. Last night it was my bf’s convocation. Heavy raining, so lots of the graduates were late. Luckily, by the time I went downtown, rain has already stopped. After taking pictures and everything, we were thinking about the restaurant for the night. This question is always the tough one. The only thing I could think of (after working whole day yesterday) was that I came across the Japanese restaurant “Japango” on the chowhound forum just before I left my office. And I could still remember its location.

Japango 7Therefore 5 of us drove to the Japango restaurant on Elizabeth street (+Dundas St. W.). At around 10:10pm, we were the only customers there (except there’s a young guy sitting there drinking sake). The restaurant was a pretty small but cozy one, with 1 waitress and 2 chefs. Looking at the menu… there was a wide variety of sashimi/sushi/nigiri/donburi and hot dishes that we could choose from. So, what we ordered was the omakase (chef’s choice – he was gonna pick whatever was fresh and good and give us the right portions given the other orders that we have placed.) 3 person portion’s sashimi and 5 person portion’s sushi, 2 katsu donburi, 1 tempura soba (instead of udon), 2 orders of kaki fry (deep fried oysters), 1 order of salmon belly.

Here’s our first dish! Look at that! Isn’t that amazing? Fresh oyster with uni, quail egg and the dark brown one I believe was the preserved duck egg white. Taste really good!

Japango 1

The second dish – Salmon Belly w. lemon juice – YUMM!
Japango 2

OH yeah! Here’s the deep fried oyster! Caution: It is REALLY HOT! I love it with the lemon juice. The sauce was very good too – a bit spicy!
Japango 3

Isn’t that beautiful?! 3 persons portion was just right. The chef introduced the different kinds of sashimi to us. But I was just too busy looking at it and taking pictures. Can’t recall which one is which now. But they are all very fresh and tasty!
Japango 4

Although we were actually expecting sushi/maki, here’s a dish of eye-catching nigiri!! Argh… I just love them, especially the white one and the king crab meat one :P~~~ At the corners are the rolls of smoked salmon. Lovely!
Japango 5

The overall experience was really good. Maybe part of it was the expectation. I didn’t expect I would get such high quality Japanese food there (although I saw the recommendation on the forum) and I wasn’t even “prepared” that I was going to have Japanese food last night. The total of this meal came to about CAD160 (including 3 pops and taxes; gratuity not included). I think I’ll come back another time.

FYI: Japango – Japanese fine food, Sushi & Noodle
122 Elizabeth Street, Toronto, Ontario, M5G 1P5
Tel: 416-599-5557
Hours: Monday thru Saturday 11:30am-10:30pm; Sunday – seasonal (please check)

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