The Last Flowers of the Year

Where have all the flowers gone?
Been working in the backyard during the weekend and prepare for the Winter
Here’s the last bunch of flowers of the year that we picked from our backyard

7 thoughts on “The Last Flowers of the Year

  1. Those flowers are really beautiful Margaret! The two colours of orange and pink compliment each other well, while the green pulls it all together. So I guess you have a “green thumb”? Did you grow and vegetables?

  2. HAHA… I helped out 🙂 We have tomatos, some vegetables and some other “fool-proof” plants in the backyard, but neither me nor my mom is good at gardening.

  3. wow, u got beautiful garden!!!! my mom’s garden pots were all dead long ago ever since she left. ahah and not to mention the hungry squirrel/raccoon that destroyed our pot of cucumber.

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