Seoul House

Yes. Boom. Another restaurant review.
Time: Saturday night @ 8:45p.m.
Place: Seoul House
Address: 3220 Dufferin Street, Toront0

Saturday evening, went to the Yorkdale Mall since it is one of the few that have longer opening hours during the weekend. The dinner decision wasn’t difficult to make because we already had a place in mind, Seoul House, recommended by my colleague.

Within 5 minutes, we arrived at the Seoul House. It is very close to Yorkdale mall. If you drive south on Dufferin, make a right turn on the Orfus road and you will see it on your left side. Even it was raining at night, we didn’t miss it.

Although it is called the Seoul House, it is actually a Korean + Japanese restaurant. So, you can see lots of korean BBQ, noodles/ dumplings, Japanese sushi/maki, teriyaki, and even some Chinese dishes on the menu. The restaurant is quite big and there were Korean, Japanese, Caucasian and Chinese patrons in this place. Since we didn’t feel like BBQ that night (although the BBQ was actually looking quite good, and it is different from the ones you get on Hwy 7).

Here’re what we ordered for the night:

Seoul House 1
I love the Korean side dishes, especially the seaweed!

Seoul House 5
Seoul house salad, refreshing.

Seoul House 2
Dol Sot Bi Bim Bap
(prepared veggie, seasoned beef, fried egg
and hot sauce on steamed rice to be mixed)

Seoul House 4
Mixed Bi Bim Bap.
You can add more hot sauce if you like.

Seoul House 3
Salmon Teriyaki (on a sizzling hot plate).
I would recommend this. The taste wasn’t too strong;
the fish was just great – juicy – but you gotta eat it almost right away
because it will be dry/overcooked if it stays on the plate for too long!

Seoul House 6
Salmon skin maki, not bad actually

Seoul House 7
Salmon skin maki close-up

Seoul House 8
Isn’t that a bit too much for 2 persons?!?!

The total came to about $45 for two persons, excluding gratuity, which wasn’t really cheap. But I think I’ll go back another time to try the other dishes, such as the noodles. Wish I had asked my colleagues before I went. The overall experience was good til the end. The waitress was a bit rude when she started taking away our dishes before we were really done; it was around 9:30pm at that time and the restaurant should be closing at 12p.m.!!

6 thoughts on “Seoul House

  1. i still love Buk Chang Dong Soon Tofu down in koreatown — the bibimbop & the tofu soup are both really good …

    bargain too, $8 for the soup and the bibimbop .. mind u, there are only 8-9 items on the entire menu .. but u get the side dishes — i’ve gotten really addicted to this kimchi root — it’s a root instead of cabbage, and it’s really tasty!

    wasn’t there a Seoul House at Pacific Mall/Market Village?

  2. Thanks for the suggestions!

    I don’t know if there’s a Seoul House there… Not sure if they are the same though.

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