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This Civic holiday weekend was a really “constructive” one. Besides celebrating Erix’s and Sandy’s B-day, cleaning up basement, watching Smallville and (finally finished Constantine), I’ve also tried a new restaurant. (No, I didn’t go to the Caribana Festival) Which is more unusual is that I’ve been to this restaurant twice during the weekend and ordered almost the same thing.

Friday afternoon, we went to the Lone Star near 16th and Yonge. I’ve heard about the Fajitas @ Lone Star for a long time, but it was the first time I’ve ever been there. Seven people ordered 3 pounds of Chicken and Steak fajitas with 6 cups of iced tea. The first dish/bowl presented to us was the freshly-made tortilla chips w/ salsa. Wow… I think it was the first time I’ve ever tried them fresh!!! Wait… til I tried the steak… It was soooo tender and juicy… my god. I loved it.

Sunday night, Erix and I went to Lone Star again, partly because we just couldn’t think of another restaurant at that moment, and partly because I want him to try the steak fajita there… Around 8:30p.m., there were quite a lot of patrons at Lone Star. As usual, we were presented a fresh bowl of tortilla chips and salsa. This time we’ve also ordered the Chili Con Queso (Creamy melted cheese with tomatoes, Jalapeno pepper and spices), a very very creaming-cheese-y dip! Delicious!!! (and no, I wasn’t watching my weight during the long weekend!)

Lone Star 1
Freshly made nachos with salsa and Chili Con Queso

With our waitress’s recommendation, we ordered two iced margarita. I actually like the strawberry + rapsberry one better. But if you like a stronger liquor taste, the original lime one is pretty good!

Lone Star 2
Lime margarita & Strawberry + rapsberry margarita

From my experience on Friday, I decided to order just the streak. It is sooo tender… and in order to add some fiber to my meal… I also ordered the grilled veggie (but actually they were kinda greasy!!!). When it comes to food, Erix usually over-order (oppss…). This time, we asked the waitress if 1lb is enough for 2 persons and her answer was “maybe more than enough”. It turned out that she was right. After trying our best to finish off everything, I was extremely full! One thing worth-mentioning is that the green sauce really goes well with the fajitas, you gotta try it sometimes if you haven’t tried this combination.

Lone Star 3
One pound grilled steak fajitas with grilled vegetables…. and the green sauce!!!

Since the steak is so good, I gave it another close-up.

Lone Star 4
Tender steak….mouth-watering…

These are the stuffs you can put in your fajitas. There were also other stuffs, e.g. Mexican rice, beans and cheese.

Lone Star 5
Freshly made Pico de gallo (Diced tomatos, onions and chiles), chopped lettuce, guacamole (mashed avocado), and sour cream. Yumm…

After 2 visits, I think there’s one word that I can use to describe Lone Star – fresh. Everything is freshly made in Lone Star and that is what makes the food there yummy. I can say, you must try their fajitas! (Just like what it was printed on their menu – “Folks – If you haven’t had Lone Star fajitas – then you haven’t had fajitas!”)

BTW, everyone, the Taste of the Danforth will be held this weekend Aug 5-7.

4 thoughts on “Lone Star

  1. i know lonestar’s a pretty big chain in the US .. i don’t remmeber the last time i had it .. i had fajitas down at Tortilla Flats on wed nite .. it was alright .. had the chicken .. guac & chicken both had good spice ..

    too busy this wk to eat out .. =/

    u had the rosemary lamb pastries on the danforht? they’re gooooood .. north side of the street, around the middle of the street fest .. $3 .. only one place sells them ..

    u can check out europa pastries just east of pape, too ..

  2. I guess so.. from its name and its look, seems like a US chain. I didn’t like the chicken one… Steak tastes much better =P~~

    Oh… lamb! I love that. I’ve heard about the lamb pastries/dishes on Danforth, but never tried it. So.. I guess I should check them out sometimes! Thanks for the info! =)

  3. the place w/ the rosemary lamb pie is called Ouzemi .. ? and ya, go to europa for portugese tarts, apple strudel, and tiramisu .. mm mm …

  4. The Lone Star the writer is talking about is not a US chain.
    It was started in Ottawa, Ontario Canada by a former CFL football player Val Belcher who was born in the Lone Star State. He started by selling pulled pork on a bun after his retirement at the football stadium on game days and called them Belcher Burgers. They were a success and he opened the Lone Star Cafe and a few years later Big Daddys Crab Shack. The Lone Star has expanded to a number of locations across Canada and was sold a number of years ago to the detriment of the taste of the food.

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