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Repost, repost, repost. Lots of reposting going on lately, such as the burger thief, the 21 daily reminders, the sinful quiz, etc. One thing that i noticed is that the “autoplay function” seems to be not working in the Firefox. I specifically turned off the autoplay, but it’s still autoplayed when I was loading the site on Firefox. It is very annoying.

Another “news” is that I just discover that the upcoming weekend is the civic holiday long weekend! WOO!!! That’s a good news! I thought the closest long weekend would be the labour day weekend. ** Well, actually the civic holiday is not a statutory holiday, but I just confirmed and we will have a day off!!! Lots of activities (expected) during this weekend. I know some of you may be even going out of town, enjoying the nature and all the sunshine! Me? There will be Erix’s and Sandy’s B-day party for sure… plus maybe a BBQ gathering.

Summer is always nice, especially when you get a short summer in Toronto. I have been thinking of going to Shanghai and HK again this summer, but the air ticket was just too expensive. With such a short vacation (1-2 weeks), I don’t think I should go. But… what should I do instead? (suddenly I felt like I have saved a lot of $$$) Human is logical and rational, but sometimes you can say we’re a bit irrational.

Finally, our tenant has moved out. So… gotta do all the clean-ups and housework and prepare for the new rental advertising and things like that.

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  1. there’s carribana this wkend .. there’s a canadian ribfest championship in barrie .. there’s a reg ribfest in scarborough .. there’s a hot n spicy food festival at harbourfront ..

    i say u spend the $$ and go to nyc for some yummy food .. 😀 i like new york .. at least, i like vacationing there .. jus being able to walk everywhere ..

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