Baton Rouge Revisited

Friday, 8:00p.m. Just got off from work.
Occasion: Allen’s B-day.
Place: Baton Rouge @ Commerce Valley

Last time I went to Baton Rouge, I ordered the Filet Mignon, which was pretty good. But the Baby Back Rib looked so good to me. So, this time it didn’t take long for me to decide what to order. The baby back rib was really “fall-off-the bone”. The taste was good. Compared to the ribs that I got from Montana’s, this one was not as oily (or you may say… juicy). But the portion of this one was just right. The cinnamon apple was good – I always like cinnamon. Still remember when I was a kid in HK, I seldom had cinnamon – which makes sense… cinnamon is seldom used in Chinese dishes. The first time (since I have memory) I tried the cinnamon flavoured gum in HK, it was like déjà vu. It seemed that I’ve tried it long time ago. Weird. The coleslaw salad was a bit disappointing. It just didn’t taste that good.

Baton Rouge 2
Fall-off-the-bone BBQ baby back ribs
with coleslaw and hot cinnamon apples

Then I had a bite of Erix’s “Baton Rouge” Burger (Bacon, Monterey Jack cheese, lettuce, tomato, red onios, and Dijonnaise – a kind of mustard originated from Dijon, France). It was pretty good (yea… if it’s named after the restaurant, it better be good!)

Baton Rouge 1
“Baton Rouge” Burger with coleslaw

We also ordered the Caesar Salad. Their salad always comes in huge portion; so filling.

After dinner, we went to the main street area of Markham, a nice place to visit. It gives you different feelings in the day time vs. night time. In the summer when patios are opened, lots of people are hanging out there. When were went there that night, every restaurant and bar were just packed. The waiting time for a table was around 1 hour. So, we ended up went to the b-day guy’s house. Had a beer, played mj til 4a.m. arh. yes. so tired after that. But it was fun.

3 thoughts on “Baton Rouge Revisited

  1. haven’t been back to Baton Rouge for a while .. will go back soon when my ribs cravings are too much to handle .. !

    Dangerous Dan’s has really huge ribs, but they’re on the fatty side .. great place to bring a bunch of guys who love their meat/grease ..

  2. Hey! thanks for the suggestion! I’ll go w/ a bunch of guys next time so that I can share w/ them. BTW, your summerlicious seems very delicious!

  3. they also have a 24 Oz burger .. 3 x 8 Oz meat .. with fried eggs on top .. !

    i really liked Zucca for summerlicious — are u going to check it out? just $20 for dinner! 🙂

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