My Douban 我的豆瓣

Haven’t written anything this weekend.
Let’s see what I’ve done… BBQ @ Joyce’s place, watched the Initial D, fixed & reformatted my computer, tried the Striphouse for summerlicious, etc…

Another thing is the Douban site that I’ve just started using during last week…

Click here to see my page on Douban.

2 thoughts on “My Douban 我的豆瓣

  1. You always find interesting things on the web! I like the Douabn site and is creating my list too.

  2. SANDRA!!!! I saw all the pictures that you posted on your blog! What a nice trip to TW! Just haven’t talk to you for such a long time… Yea the Douban site is nice. I especially like to look at the suggestions it gives me.

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