Hokkai Ya


Accidentally discovered a “hidden” Sushi & Sashimi Take-out place.
It’s near the McDonald’s at Bamburgh Circle (S.E. of Warden Ave. + Steeles Ave.).

We were going to try the Tokyo Sushi Buffet (東京都),
unfortunately they only accept cash.
So, on our way we back from the Bank, we saw that little Sushi place.
We couldn’t see if there was anyone inside, but from its outlook…
Looked like it has been there for quite a while.
I thought… “Let’s give it a try”.

We went in there, an Asian (non-Chinese) lady and two other men were there.
Ordered a small party tray of sushi and sashimi ($35 for 50 pieces).
I was so happy looking at the party tray ^^
Like a little girl looking at her X’mas gift.
(Don’t know why… I’m crazy)

But again, I didn’t have my DC with me, so I took this picture with my cell:
Small party tray
Not bad at all… If the sashimi were “fatter”, it would be better. (wow, with rhyme!)

Later on, we found that she actually gave us one order of salmon sushi (complementary).
The service was quite, only 10min wait.
Food was good. Price is ok.

Well… Luckily the Japanese buffet place only accepted cash.
(Coz I really didn’t feel like having the pressure to eat)

I’m trying not to go to any buffet type restaurant.
If I can’t eat enough, I feel like I’m paying too much;
but if I eat too much, I won’t feel good after.

FYI: Hokkai Ya Sushi & Sashimi Take Out & Catering
395 Bamburgh Circle, Unite D104, Scarborough; Tel: 416. 756. 4904
Open Tue-Thur 11:30a.m. – 9:00p.m.; Fri-Sun 11:30 a.m. – 10:00p.m. *Monday Close

5 thoughts on “Hokkai Ya

  1. Hmmmmmmm….looks so delicious.
    Especially big pieces of raw salomn!
    I get hungry reading your blog 🙂
    Was this restaurant owned and operated by Japanese?

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