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I have been thinking of trying Indian food since long long time ago. But every time I asked my friends to dine with me at an (any) Indian restaurant, no one seems to be willing to. Yes, it does take some courage to try something different, especially when you know it will be very HOT. Gradually, I seem to have lost that courage to try it too.

Last Friday afternoon, thank to my colleagues, I finally got to try an Indian restaurant. It was actually an Indian buffet located at the Sheraton Hotel near Hwy 7 and Leslie Steet, called the HOST.

I was soooo happy and kinda hyper when I first came into the restaurant (yea… trying new restaurant has that effect on marz). Looked at the price… it’s $8.99 Monday-Friday; $9.99 during Weekend, which is not bad at all (for buffet).

Friday afternoon, around 12:30p.m., there were already a lot of people inside the restaurant. Not just Indian, there were actually a lot of Caucasian and some Chinese people. (According to my colleague, Friday is the best day to go for this Indian buffet because things are fresh and price is cheap) Lining up, wondering what I should get… Then I ended up getting a bit of almost everything. Lots of hot dishes, different types of curries.

Indian food My first plate…

My favourite would be the curry beef and the thin nan bread. Then, I just picked some veggies for my second dish. The waiter there was very helpful. Maybe it was because of the hesitancy on my face, he kindly explained the veggie on my plate, (they call it “drumstick”) which you can’t eat/swallow. You would just suck the juice/paste inside… and there’s some medical value in it. Lucky that he told me =P

Mango Lassi Mango Lassi

We’ve also ordered the mango lassi (Mango flavored yogurt drink) for each person. It was actually pretty good, but it was kinda filling… So girls, you may wanna share it with someone next time.

The overall experience was pretty good. The price (buffet + drink + tax + gratuity) was $15/person.

FYI: The Host Restaurant

3 thoughts on “The Host Restaurant

  1. good food. I think we have a few decent Indian food here in Ottawa. I have been to them, I like nan bread as well. 8)

  2. The korean soap opera “Dai Churn Kum” mentioned why they use metal chopsticks. In the past, this is the only way the royalties can use to test out any poisons from the food. But as for metal bowl…I’ve no clues. Cool eh?

  3. thanks for the info ar Lulu =) hehee we were making fun of the chopstick that day too… like testing if the food is poisonous using silvery chopsticks… and after long testing procedure, the meal will become cold.

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