Victoria Day Weekend 偷得浮生一日閒

Victoria Day long weekend highlight:
Long weekends have become more precious since I started working.
Although I’ve had that kind of feeling when I was at my coop placements,
that feeling was different because every placement was just for a few months.
And I know I will be going back to school after those few months.

As a coop student, I worked there, had fun and left.
No involvement in politics and any sort of that.
Gain some experiences, earn some tuition/pocket money.

Now, this is the real thing.
One week compulsory vacation for the first year.
Monday to Friday, 10:30 to 6:30.
So far so good.

Every week passed by so quickly.
And instead of resting, recharging myself,
my energy is always drained during the Friday nite-Saturday-Sunday parties.

Still young, people said.
Maybe, I thought.

What did I do during the weekend?

Been to the factory stores/outlet in Pickering several years ago and found the stuffs there pretty cheap, but not this time. There’re actually several Corning Factory Outlets… In case some of you might be interested. Here’s the information. This time we drove west to the one near Allen Rd., on our way back, we accidentally visited…

It’s actually in the Downsview Park. When we went there, it was almost time to close. But the people there told us we can go there this weekend, when there’s the DOOR’S OPEN TORONTO event and we can go there for free.
FYI: During this once a year event, over 100 buildings with architectural, historic or cultural significance open their doors to the public for a city-wide celebration. ^^ so looking forward to this!!!

3. KINGSTON revisited.
Been to Kingston long time ago… but my memory is so vague… This long weekend, we drove to Kingston (2.5hr drive from Toronto) to visit my uncle. Weather network said that it was gonna rain that day, but luckily there wasn’t much rain. Just clowdy. (Which is not bad coz I don’t want it to be too hot). Arrived Kingston; and the only thing that I could recall from the previous visit was the Sir John A. Macdonald train.

Kingston I
Canadian Pacific Railway

Kingston is a pretty small town. But compared to Toronto, it seems that this small town is quite stylish (in a historical way). Kingston is the oldest city in Ontario and served as the first capital of the Province of Canada. The capital of Canada moved from Kingston to Montreal in 1844. In 1849 the parliament buildings were destroyed by fire and was decided then that the current session would be finished in Toronto, after which the seat of government would alternate between Ontario and Quebec every four years. This continued until the Government returned to Quebec in 1859. It stayed there until 1865 when Ottawa finally became the permanent capital of Canada.

Kingston II
Near by the dock, where you can take a ferry trip to Thousand Island.

Kingston III
Kingston’s City Hall was built when the city was chosen as the Union’s capital in 1841. Kingston served as the capital of a United Canada from February, 1841 to June, 1844.

Kingston IV
A view from the Fort Henry

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