Pot Luck Saturday

Date: April 30, 2005
Place: Jen’s house
Event: Pot Luck gathering…

Haven’t been to any “day-time” gathering/party lately. Usually, the gatherings would be dinner + karaoke that start at around 8p.m. and run til 3a.m.

Thank to Jen and Joyce, this saturday we had the pot luck gathering, where everyone has to bring a “POT” of entree, and see if we have the “LUCK” to get something good out of it. =)

It turned out very well. Everyone brought the pots (dishes).
All the dishes tastes pretty good =P~~~
We had a good time. It’s always good to see our friends sometimes.
Noticed that almost half of the people there were going away this coming week or 2 weeks. Going to San Francisco, going to a Cruise trip, going to HK, etc.
Some of them are going to the Bikini Party, that will be held on this coming Saturday.
(Should I go? Should I not go?)
Arh… I want a vacation too…

Took some pictures of the dishes that we’ve brought…

One of Jen's cats. of course this is not one of our dishes… =P

Unfinished cakes in the fridge a peek into the fridge

Chicken WingsStuffed VeggieSweet Vinegar RibsSpaghetti

Curry Veggie & BeefBlueberry Cheesecake

a close shot at the blueberry cheesecake Blueberry Cheesecake

3 thoughts on “Pot Luck Saturday

  1. That is just amazing! Everything just looks so good. Starting today I’ve decided to learn how to cook. I went out w/ my friends today & I found that out that most of them knew how to make things like curry and spaghetti sauces from scratch. Wow! I’ve been living on my own for over 4 years already and I can’t even boil an egg properly. Seeing your pictures of the potluck just gives me more reasons to believe that I should get off my lazy butt and learn how to cook. You “cookers” are amazing. One day… I’ll be able to make something “from scratch” too!

  2. HAHA! Yea I didn’t know some of them are that good before =P You should try to cook something. The easiest place to start, I believe, would be to make an egg salad sandwich. If you don’t hate onions, you can try this… boil 2 eggs, chopped some onion, mix them with mayo, then put that and a piece of cheese together with the bread. It tastes really good. Another thing is to use tuna with mayo, plus a bit of lemon juice; or Salmon + thousand island dressing + relish… yummy =)

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