May Snow (五月飛霜)

Sitting at my office,
trying to design a questionnaire for an upcoming project.
Suddenly saw it snowing outside!
The weather has been crazy lately.
Snowing in the month of MAY?
That’s a bit too much.

Last Saturday was a nice one.
Went to a friend’s house for a Pot Luck.
Took some pictures and I’ll post them here later.
The night was cool/cold,
which is normal in Toronto at this time.

But the funny thing was…
while we were having the delicious home-made cake,
the whole Markham and Richmond Hill area was out of electricity.
HAHAHA What an experience.
Made me thought of 1-2 years ago when the whole area of Toronto – New Jersey was out of electricity for like 1-2 days during the summer.

No light,
No computer,
No TV,…
Walked out on the street and looked at the stars…
They looked so much brighter that time.

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