1st time @ East Side Mario’s

East Side Mario’s……
Still remember the first time I heard of this name…
Long time ago, I heard that there was an East Side Mario’s in Waterloo…

I’ve been thinking of visiting this restaurant for a long time.
Don’t know why. I just didn’t go in every time I drove by.
Finally, I was there.

Seafood Linguine (which comes with unlimited salad and garlic bread)
Tuscan Turkey Club Sandwich
Iced tea, and finally…
the Napoleon Ice-cream lasagna!!!

Overall experience @ East Side Mario’s…
Didn’t meet my expectation.
The Seafood Linguine was a bit dry, with extremely shrunk mussels…
Turkey Club was a bit small. Looked like the one I’d make for my breakfast.
(You should try Montana’s Turkey Club, which looks more like a Club sandwich!)

The service was ok until we spent lots of time trying to locate our waitress for ordering dessert. She only came by our table once when we were having our meal. She never came back to see whether we’ve finished our meal… or if we need anything (such as paper napkin or the bill). Ok… then we finally found her and ordered the dessert, Napoleon Ice-cream lasagna!!! with vanilla, chocolate, strawberry ice-cream between layers of crepes… and strawberry sauce and white chocolate flakes. That reminded me of the 1L “3 color ice-cream” that our family had when I was a small girl in HK.

The dessert was actually pretty good. With the layers of crepes, it gave us a totally different feeling =)
Didn’t feel guilty at all after I had this… you know, it was Friday.
And you gotta reward yourself for a whole week of hard work! ^^
First time @ East Side Mario's Napoleon Ice-cream lasagna

2 thoughts on “1st time @ East Side Mario’s

  1. WOW…. i WONDER how many calorie are there in that creamy brick… but…umm… yumyumyum…. can’t take my eyes away from it’s devily look… :P~~~ (sweeep~~~)

  2. I think us Waterlooers have mostly sworn off East Side’s since we went so much during our tenure at the univ. They used to have happy hour half price specials on their appetizers and we’d go all the time. At some point we got so sick of it we can’t handle it anymore.

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