Something about Blog.

Have been blogging in Chinese recently. So, it’s time for some English.
Yeah… Blogging in English is actually so much faster/easier for me.
Just that… sometimes it’s easier for us to relate ourselves to the things/events that are written in Chinese. And sometimes I just felt like blogging in Chinese… in order to precisely and concisely express my feelings at the moments.

Browsed around the Net lately, and saw a lot of bloggers talked/wrote about the anti-Japan issue in China. Maybe it’s because I’m located far across the ocean, I can’t really feel how intense it is yet.

Feeling tired these few days (again?!),
thought of a lot of things to write,
started writing/blogging on some topics,
but none of them got finished.

Yes, lots of ideas…
but ideas never get translated into actions.

When I first encountered the Online Diary long time ago,
I thought it was a stupid idea…
Who would want to post their diary online?
Who would like to read someone’s diary?

But gradually, this diary idea has a nice camouflage…
Blog, which came from web-log.
A lot of people started to keep their web-log.
Keeping the web-log then became blogging.

Yes, I do have to admit that I’m quite into blogging.
Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to keep blogging almost every other day since I started in Oct. Count, count, count… oh my god. It’s been over half a year already!

Blogging should be fun, should be spontaneous in certain sense,
Most importantly, blogging should present no pressure to the blogger.
But keeping a blog can incur invisible pressure.
Pressure that came from having the discipline of keep blogging.

Someone said if you can keep doing a thing for 3 months,
you can establish a habbit and keep it up after 3 months.
I agree. The first 3 months are the most crucial parts.
But I’ve already passed that stage.
Sometimes, I even thought I should get this blog hosted.
Because Blogger is so cramped lately.
But I’m afraid that someday I would suddenly out of ideas.
Or… to be exact, out of the discipline to translate ideas into actions and words.
Another thing is…

The more blogs I read, the worse I feel about my blog.
This little Greyish Marz is neither informative, nor entertaining.
The design and the writing skills were just so raw/rough.
I am surprised it still has some readers.
To those who are reading this right now… Thanks!

7 thoughts on “Something about Blog.

  1. don’t think that your blog is bad…it’s interesting and informative (at least it provided a lot of information about restaurants in Toronto…hehe)

    and just becuz of your blog, i started my own blog as well… probably your blog did/will encourage more ppl to start their own blog too… =)

  2. Um… yes I think some of my friends started their blog because of Greyish Marz.

    To those who don’t know me, I don’t know how Marz is like in their imagination (which is actually pretty interesting to see… how the pieces of puzzles of marz fit together from her words and thoughts)

    To those who know me in person, I wonder if the marz here correspond to the impression they get from the marz in real life. maybe, maybe not.

  3. I like your blog too. So much so that I even put it on my “list”:). I used to compare my blog to others too. But then you just have to remember that you blog because you like it, and the only way you’ll keep it up is if you do it your way. I wonder too whether or not my blog reflects the personality that my friends see. I think I’ll go and ask.:)

  4. I like reading your blog. Especially things about TO, since I come done from Ott during summer. It’s nice to know what good and bad (ie rest. and alike). 8)

  5. oh really?! ^^ Thanks! I think I came across your blog before… Kinda remembered you coz there ain’t lots of Canadian-Chinese bloggers that I’ve seen.

  6. Yeah actually I followed a link off my blog from a comment you left awhile back. Then I statred reading your blog cause there were all these pictures of Chinese food everywhere & coincidentally I’ve been craving for the stuff since I’ve moved here. I liked it so I’ve been keeping up once in a while ever since.

    I’m not Canadian-Chinese though. I’m American-Chinese. I do have relatives in North Van, B.C. that I visit every year though. 🙂

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