Radio again!


I’ve abandoned the idea of Radio blog since I tried and failed to get it running in January – because the Geocities doesn’t support php. (I think I’ve mentioned this in a previous post.)

Thank to the tutorial site “Tokyo Heaven“, my little radio is finally up and running! YEAH!

So happy…^^

But one thing… there was some run-time error things coming up today, and I didn’t know why. Maybe it’s just because of the Geocities. Now I can see it running ok, no error message. If any of you encounter any error message, plz let me know~

Yup Yup…

FYI – Radio Blog

8 thoughts on “Radio again!

  1. Weird… sometimes I got the error message, sometimes I don’t…

    Oh…Actually if you go to Japan Heaven site, you can put the Radio as html instead of php, that’s what I did.

  2. hi mars
    sorry come to your blog until now, you know that hard to connect to BLOGGER from…also i saw your flag on the map , tks for your support to my articles…you know it’s just my life journal and i am happy that you like it…
    in the first beginning when i learn to ply blog, i tought about to establish one on but found it’s too difficult to connecct to,then i gave up, i will come to here often , anyway,tks and tk care.

  3. ah… maybe that’s why sometimes it can’t be loaded. Plus, I still always get the error message when I’m using the IE at work. um… let me host it somewhere else.

  4. i am shihming

    as i know, yahoo will soon provide blog service (Yahoo has bought Flickr already) , maybe you could wait , or you could buy the cyber space hosting just like me , and try to build your own blog, the reason why i didn’t use the free hosting is i can backup all my posts easilly.

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